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Baltimore Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff was the goat Sunday after his missed field goal cost the team a chance to tie the AFC Championship Game in the waning moments.

An All-Pro attempting a 32-yarder should be a gimme, but Cundiff missed badly, sending the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl and leaving fans wondering what happened.

There have been reports that Billy was distracted beforehand – to the point that coaches were yelling at him – and wasn’t ready to get in the game in until the last second.

You can see him running onto the field just before kicking:

Billy Cundiff Missed Field Goal

Kickers usually walk toward the field as their opportunities become apparent, but as the Ravens marched down the field, was Cundiff unaware he was about to be called on?

Sources say players and coaches repeatedly called for Cundiff and were infuriated he wasn’t ready sooner, although none have gone on record with this publicly.

It’s unclear the effect this had on the kicker, or whether the Ravens would have gone on to win in overtime, of course (this would have only tied the game at 23).

What’s quite clear is that whatever happened, Cundiff will likely be thinking about it for some time. He should give the 49ers’ Kenny Williams a call this week …