Vienna Girardi and Lee Smith: Back Together!

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With ex-boyfriend Kasey Kahl arrested and accused of bashing a woman's face, Vienna Girardi posed for not-at-all-staged bikini pics with her ex in Miami this week.

No, not Jake Pavelka. Jake precursor Lee Smith.

Vienna stormed off Relationship Rehab - where she was trying to work it out with Kasey - last month when producers blindsided her with a surprise visit from Lee.

But now, things are different apparently.

Vienna Girardi, Lee Smith
Vienna Girardi Bikini Pic

Vienna shows off her new/old BF and her only best assets.

Sources close to the couple say Vienna Girardi and Lee Smith have since been talking and working on their relationship (re: boning non-stop) since then.

Bachelor fans may recall that Lee was also the guy allegedly sending Vienna flirty emails - and tapping that ass - while she was still engaged to Jake.

She has an interesting history with men, that's for sure.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]


Vienna you are an idiot, you are a fake, drama queen, attention whoring moron and there isn't anyone left on the planet who doesn't see through you. First you were so afraid of Jake, he was the bad guy, then in the bachelor pad it was obvious you were the nutter, not him and now Kassey is the bad guy. There is a common denominator Vienna and guess what, IT' S YOU Producers love you because you get the show ratings. You’re not a celebrity you’re not popular, your just the drama whore we love to hate! Yes Vienna Girardi we hate you, loser


for somebody who is so ugly and inside and outside
she is doing well
the producers like drama
and that is what t she is all about
she cannot live without a man
she needs counselling and help
next time you choose single ladies
make sure they are sane

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Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi
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