Lee Smith: I Was Giving it to Vienna Girardi! While She Was Engaged to Jake Pavelka!

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The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi were not engaged for long, but long enough for the former Hooters girl to cheat on him with her ex-boyfriend.

Or so Lee Smith claims, at least.

Smith, whose sexy, misspelled emails to Vienna were leaked last week, says rekindled his physical relationship with Vienna 10 days before her split from Jake.

Lee claims it began when she visited her Florida home because of her sick dog - an ugly topic between Jake and Vienna in their epic fight on The Bachelorette.

"We were in my truck hooking up, her shirt was off and Jake just kept calling over and over again," Lee told Radar Online in a hilarious, exclusive interview.

Vienna Girardi, Boyfriend

Lee drove Vienna back to her car she came up with an excuse.

He says that as he was in the process of trying to sex up Vienna in his truck, "she said, 'I can't just ignore his calls or he'll freak out and call every minute.'"

"She's an amazing liar. She picked up the phone and started yawning and pretending she was sleeping," Lee said of Jake's final rose recipient. Diabolical.

Smith says Vienna began calling him just one month after she got engaged on The Bachelor. "At first, she would just tell me she missed me," Lee recalls.

"Then she asked me to break up with my girlfriend because she couldn't imagine me having sex with another woman" as she and Jake weren't intimate.

"She told me, 'I couldn't see myself having a child with anyone but you. And then I asked her how she could tell me this while she was engaged to someone else. And she told me, 'It's not going to work out. We don't even have sex anymore.'"

The relationship progressed and became sexual: "When Jake was out of town we had phone sex three nights in a row." Lee said. "It was a lot of fun."

The undercover lovers were able to keep their relationship on the down low, but had a close call one day when Vienna was on an outing with Jake.

"I called and she answered me on speaker phone and Jake suspiciously asked, 'Who is this guy?' And Vienna came up with a quick lie that I was just a friend calling because I was concerned about her best friend's break-up."

Smith says he believed Vienna Girardi's lies as much as Jake Pavelka, and genuinely wanted them to be back together once the stars broke up.

"But now she has a life in L.A.," he laments.


Good grief....will the sausage girl ever go away ????!!!! She has been fake from day one...and I'm not just talking about all her body parts and tresses. Slither back to the swamp....be gone!!!


I believe Vienna as she seems to be the most credible of the two.
The ex probably wants a slice of the pie. If it happened at least V got some! I doubt it; it sounds like her plate was already full. If anything Jake just is a big Fraud. He's not a pilot, he's not really so into girls, he's not 100% into regular normal sex, he's not really smiling except when the cameras are
rolling, he's says he's not got anger issues, getting married means more then an acting career. His face changes into ugly when he's challenged. His whole demeanor changes. We didn't see that out of Vienna. Which is it Jake?


Gimme a break! This idiot is a moron out to hype up the pr on the whole Vienna/Jake mess. Not a fan of either of them J or V, but I for one do not believe his bs for a second. Everyone knows that J & V were still intimate in their new relationship so how can this bozo make claims they ( J and V)were not intimate after only one month into this relationship!One month is not long enough to find out if you are sick to death of each other yet or not.


You know, neither of them are saints. However, Jake is SO messed up. He seems to be controlling, arrogant, vein, macho, and just a fool in a cheap suit. It's a bit pathetic how he thought by him going on The Bachelorette and breaking up with Vienna that he would actually extend his "fame" and become an actor. When in reality, it completely trashed whatever kind of reputation he had left. I guess that's just the kind of thing some people will resort to. Hopefully both of them will cut their losses and just stay out of the limelight. It's doing nothing but hurting them. The 15 minutes is over.

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