Ted Williams: Where Is He Now?

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Remember Ted Williams? The Man with the Golden Voice? The guy who sky-rocketed to fame because he has a deep voice and because America is obsessed with rewarding those who don't actually accomplish anything?

And who then ended up in rehab a few weeks later?

Entertainment Tonight tracked Williams down this week and aired a feature that updated viewers on the former homeless man's status. Apparently he's now clean and living in a condo with his girlfriend! Good for him! Watch for more:

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He came into our place of business today, next to his old sign holding spot off Rt 71 exit ramp. Looks good and clean. Collected money to provide socks to some of his old homelss pals. We donated $12 to the effort ...


He is an inspiring man, despite it being a major publicity stunt it was quite an inspiratory moment. However i dont think ET will be making a buisiness out of reforming homeless talent. Regardless, Ted is an amazing ressiliant man.


I am so proud of this man. His battle is an example for so many. He has the most beautiful voice I ever heard. May he always be happy and healthy. Greetings to him and his family from Paris (France).


I was just thinking about Ted Williams, he has truly earned respect from the world, May he continue to have many blessed years ahead...joyce from St. Louis


Ted, GOD has blessed you in so many ways. I am so happy for you.
Keep up the good work. Love you Ted.


Had been wondering about Ted lately when I saw him walk by the NBC studio on t.v. just this week and receive recognition from Matt Lauer. So happy to see that he and his long-time girlfriend are doing well. Keep it up you two!


I am so happy to hear that this man was given a second chance in life. I would wonder about him periodically. Let's all keep him in our prayers. Keep up the good work Ted, and keep God first and foremost in your life.


Great to hear ted is doing so well i am a DJ in ireland and am amazed by his voice one i would die for.
keep up the good work ted ! wish you well


I was wondering just this morning about Ted Williams and how he was doing. I am very glad to hear that he is safe and sound and has a girlfriend and living a life that he can be happy with.


I had wondered about him often and it truly does my heart good to know that such a gifted man is finally living a healthy life and enjoying the fruits of his labor. Thank you for sharing this story!