Taylor Swift and Zac Efron: Spotted! Giggling!

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Might we soon need to Tac a new young power couple in Hollywood on to the board?

According to the latest issue of Us Weekly, Taylor Swift and Zac Efron (aka Tac, according to certain opening sentences) dined together at an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles.

Witnesses say the superstar singer and former High School Musical star "were deep in conversation and very giggly," even arriving together in the latter's Audi.

Taylor S.
Pic of Zac Efron

A source shoots down dating rumors between this pair, simply saying Taylor and Zac "were in L.A. doing press stuff together, and after they were done, they decided to grab dinner."

And, yes, it is true that they are starring in The Lorax together. But what fun is that? Two professionals exchanging career-oriented talk and mere friendly banter?

It's far more enjoyable to play this out in our minds and imagine Swift penning her next heartbreaking album about Efron, isn't it?

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I thought he was gay?


Okay! These Series of Break Up Songs Taylor Made are True Okay! I don't Care If Zac Ends Up in Her List But i Just think That it's all True. And she's just Telling them That They broke her heart but still it's Worth apologizing! You Broke Up with your girlfriend: she makes a song about it so what?! It's nice as least knowing she cares about what you think and how you feel. I just think it's brave for Taylor to send those messages out without getting into a cat Fight. I hope Taylor finds the right man soon: the one who won't break her up in a 27 seconds phone call! Lets Hope this dude won't end up in her list.


I would spoil taylor I don't need a fancy restaurant to make itailian food I'm. Better at romantic.meals than a 100 dinner and I make it with love and my kids are better. If I was in israel every jewish family would have a seat for elijah with their pretty virgin daughters id have my choice of the cherrys there. Or taylor could stop bien chicken and let me bring it. I don't need a fancy restaraunt to prove I'm that dddamn good........jake elijah huber


I love tays music


Ew. No,Zac, do you really wanna be another victim of one of her songs if you date and break up? I mean,I love Taylor Swift,but I don't think Zac should date her. Last thing anybody really wants to hear is she wrote a song about Zac Efron and how he "broke her heart".


Ize a iz a grz cuz iz nots zat booz.!


no zac chose me....why not date a normal girl ..like me ..lol


no zac chose me....


Well hi my name iz quadasha wright who iz dominican and indian and black and would like to say when i was asked to media about acting i said wow :O no im opposed to acting and i dnt think modeling and acting and bein a waitress is right for women anyhow az for me i was choze to be wifey cause ever since 5 ive been a housely gurly gurl who love gardening n all anyhow for my cuzz of it i luv kids n luv my man games ballerstatiz to him!!!anyhow i feel that kim imposiblle should think the same since shes 35!:)!


Hi my name is imani woods whoze dating game and i would like to say i feel az though the whole zac efron and jennifer hudgenson so fake and i feel az though if she wants kids she needs to be wit somebody that loves her az bein dominican i feel az though she should be with someone who luv s her for her az me bein dominican hes a dork azz bumm and white traily park trash who has no money and she should go for aaron carter anyhow i dating game cause i luv taller men like him i luv to be pampered and want kids!

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You never know with teenage girls. It's funny. But they're always, most of the time they're pretty respectful, and I love 'em. I'm very grateful.

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