Taylor Armstrong Accuses Late Husband of Spying, Paranoia

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It's been far too long since Taylor Armstrong bashed her late husband in public.

But, don't worry, the latest issue of Us Weekly contains excerpts from the reality star's disgusting upcoming memoir, "Hiding from Reality."

Taylor Armstrong and Russell Armstrong Photo

In the book, Taylor describes Russell as a paranoid stalker, someone who constantly asked her about past sexual partners and even posed as a potential employer in order to run a background check on his wife with her alma mater.

She even found a tape recorder under her home office desk once.

"For the next nearly six years, I always assumed I was being recorded in the car and at home," Taylor writes. "I was always careful to make sure the content of my conversations was very clear."

Russell supposedly defended his actions by saying he had "been burned before" and just wanted to get to know his wife as well as possible.

Years after that discovery, Armstrong added, "I went into my email settings and found that he had set it up so that all of my emails were forwarded to him the moment I received them."

Taylor says she never changed the setting or asked Russell about this issue, and it's not like we can get his take on the allegations.

What a sad, pathetic, money-hungry woman.


imani woods--What show were you watching?? You sound like you are on smack. ..and not the good kind!!


I find it interesting that when Taylor is not in a breakdown and feeling healthy, she goes on the attack easily. Last year it was Camille she attacked on the Reunion and this year it is Brandi. Since we've seen so little of her in a healthy state, is this the real normal? Is she a bully when healthy? And in the promo why does she smile so delightedly when Andy asks if Russell could have been murdered? Is that delight showing in her eyes and dimples really her pondering dollar signs for her book? That was a very disturbing reaction to a very serious question.


She is a drama queen who wouldn't know the truth if it slapped her in the face. I am so worried about her daughter and all these lies and accusations about Taylor's deceased husband. I am really beginning to think she is psycho and maybe someone should look into Russell's family trying to get custody. When she needs new things to draw sympathy for, will her daughter now become a victim with strange illnesses and injuries? People like Taylor never change, they just adapt to the next victim.


So why did "Taylor" put up with it for six years, and endanger her child? She's not shy -- she's articulate, a public speaker, she was able to tell everyone in Beverly Hills about it, but never went to the police? Instead it's all "allegations". Even in the last episode, with her doctor there, and a slight bruise under her eye, she said "we got into a fight...I got hurt". Why not be truthful and say it straight? Since this happened during Bravo filming, why didn't they show her after the fight? This was her storyline, wasn't it? Why not be honest? Why does this woman never tell the straight truth? Like about why she changed her name, about why she told people she was from the wealthy Ford family. Why take $60,000 from the man who threatened to kill you -- to throw a party for a 3 yr old--- so you could impress your wealthy friends? WHO does that? I do feel sympathy for her little girl. What a legacy she will have to live with!


Taylor Armstrong has failed to convince me she was abused. Too many holes in her story and utterly no proof Russell gave her those bruises. I think she lies about a lot of things including what the heck her real name is and why she changed it. I feel very sorry for her daughter.


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Liza believe what you want,this sounds like a bunch of vile BS. Honestly, she told everyone how she had to work hard to catch Russell.
I agree with Michelle above,the doctor believed everything Taylor told him. Of course there had to be many hours of therapy we did not see, I never saw any indication that he attempted to find out what Russells side was. I was in an abussive marriage, yes I know all about going back.
Both of them were involved in the grifting scams. SeemsTaylor is in a panic now to try to appear like she never was involved and if she is proven to be involved she has an excuse.
The man is gone, his kids will hear enough BS she does not have to add to it.
Truth is the recent stuff was probably to provide Taylor with the needful things to be a "Housewife from BEVERLEY HILLS"
To be glad someone is dead and to call it a favor to the world I will think for me.
You think for yourself. It is just plain sad all the way around.


I don't believe that Taylor is "bashing" Russell. She is admitting that she was an abused wife who foolishly stayed with her abuser for 6 years, thereby putting not only herself but also her little girl in danger. She has every right to say whatever she wishes now. I just hope she doesn't take up with the same kind of man next time. Personally, I am glad that Russell did the world a favor and offed himself. Now he will never again viciously beat the mother of his baby. It was only a matter of time before he started in on the child. And by the way, I speak as someone who was a child victim of an abusive father. All you Taylor-haters, try walking in her shoes and see how it really is.


We never saw real issues being discussed at the therapy session, what we saw, was two people people beating around the bush! The two, doctor and Taylor ran about matters, never saying what was being said; behind Russell's back. Not only is Taylor fame hungry, so is her psychiatrist; yeah the first name she called out after seeing Russell her husband, hanging by the neck!
God help Bravo if they believe we as a people want to see such disgrace, such a lack of integrity and respect!

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