See Blair's Wedding Dress on Gossip Girl!

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Move over, Kate Middleton.

While the Duchess of Cambridge wore Alexander McQueen to her Royal Wedding in April, Gossip Girl's own "people's princess" chose an NYC-based designer for her big day.

The CW has released new photos of Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf on the hit series, donning a Vera Wang gown as she prepares to wed the Prince of Monaco. See below:

Blair Waldorf Wedding Dress
Blair Waldorf in Vera Wang

Vera, who appears on the Jan. 16 winter premiere of Gossip Girl, did a fabulous job. No argument there. But whether Blair actually goes through with the wedding is unclear.

Having had problems with Louis this season, and with Chuck Bass, and perhaps Dan Humphrey, waiting in the wings, Queen B's romantic future is still unwritten.

She's running out of time, though: The wedding (which serves as the focal point of the show's milestone 100th episode) is set for January 30. Save the date!

Will she be happy ever after? Or a runaway bride?


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