Savannah Brinson or Yvette Prieto: Who Would You Rather?

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The debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan was settled perfectly by Jason Segel's character in Bad Teacher. One basketball legend has six championships, the other zero. Case closed.

But the debate between Savannah Brinson and Yvette Prieto is just getting underway.

The former is the mother of LeBron's two children, as well as his new fiancee, following an early Sunday morning proposal. Prieto, meanwhile, is a Cuban/American model who agreed to marry Jordan last week. Compare the beauties below and decide:

Which would you rather back down in the post... if you know what we mean?

And the Winner is?

Compare the fiancees of LeBron James and Michael Jordan now. Which would you rather take strong to the hole? View Poll »

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It's shameful that Americans today continue to think that if it's not white it's not right or if it's not what America says is beautiful as seen on TV or magazines it's not beautiful. There both ok. However, I don't support that LeBron's fiance had babies before marriage. This could have waited so that she would know he's not just marrying her because she had his children. While Jordan's fiance needs to find someone her own age because if Jordan wasn't who he was she nor her family would look twice.


Moreover, how could she have class when she's 17 years younger than him. Now that is classless.


She has no class, completely ghetto hood cuban.


Yes another Trophy to go along side the many MVP. It's truly amazing what a White Woman will do for attention. No wonder the world has such a low opinion. Of course I'm sure this is different - true love I'm guessing then again maybe another OJ in the making.


Savannah is good looking woman as well as my compatriot Yvette.. But truth is if Jordan was an average man Ivette will not give him the time of day. Savannah is in LOVE and not a trophy - Is real. Congrats!


I know you guys like black couples but this answer is obvious. Savannah is not in yvettes class.


LeBron and Savannah appear to have more of a romantic connection than "Air Jordan" and Yvette!!


Keeping Real LeBron James!


A real BROTHER marrying a SISTER!