Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto: Engaged!

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His Airness is once against set to be Her Husbandness.

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    @ Amy . First of all we black women don't sleep around sweetheart , that's your race taking first place in d! (K sucking and fu€king! !! You were the first at filming your nasty pig skin having sex for money!!! The porn industry are billionaires from you!!! Black people are the least racist of all cultures , we dont any promblem accepting people of any race period. Its when you are mistreating our race is when we speak out to defend ourselves and you have a nerve to call us racist. You are clearly delusional. The African-American race came up totally different from the Caucasian race of course they are going to be differences. No race is perfect , everyone is not the same . White women have been wearing weave just as long as black women, I know your stupid a** dont think that those old movie stars from the 50 and 60's wore only the hair they were born with !!!! And they still wearing it !!!! For some of these other comments I've read, I have smelled white people holmes that have a odor as well, smell like wet dog , totally disgusting !!!! Majority of the African american race has dry skin so a moisturizing agent of some kind is needed , majority of the Caucasian has oily scalp so you need to wash your hair everyday or it does not perform like you would like it too. Black women dont have that issue. Their is no one race smarter, superior, look better, smell better ! God did not make it that way . Every race buy make up, perfume, hair weave . This whole world needs revamping !!


    A rich white man and a rich black man have three things in common
    1. White house/white community
    2. White Car
    3. White woman/white looking woman
    Many black men become rich and will divorce their black woman with his children and marry a white woman. He wants everything that looks like a woman.


    Just saying Schwenk:) your age, it's just nasty to be a whore who screws men old enough to be your dad I'm just saying:)


    "So sad" the poor you can't understand that it has nothing to do with race. She's 17 years younger than him and a whore who and whose parents have no morals about her having sex with older men and men old enough to be her dad.


    Will all of stop with the "poor me" black woman syndrome.. He's marrying who he wants to because he loves her, not her skin color.. This is why racism still exists. Stop being playing the victim and step up your game :) just saying


    Correction to #5 single black male. It should be increase in single black females and single black female parents. Which many of these black guys came from family backgrounds of this nature. They committ the same behaviors of their fathers/dad, "abadonement of black women."


    Correction to #3 single black male. It should be increase in single black females and single black female parents. Which many of these black guys came from family backgrounds of this nature. They committ the same behaviors of their fathers/dad, "abadonement of black women."


    However, given the fact that he is intelligent; is a history major; isn't atypical; isn't given to being like many athletes who must have eye candy/a trophy girlfriend/wife (hence everyone's a model)to get to the next level because he's there and been there and will be there; doesn't often follow what society depicts on television; and that he maybe confused from all the sex, there is still hope yet. MJ is not a dummy! He realizes that this young Cuban lady 17 years younger than he and her family wouldn't give him a second look if he wasn't who he was, Michael Jordan. He will wake up and not be a lack man that some think him to be. He comes from a great family. His mom and dad raised no fool.


    tes. Remember everything is ok when it is not happening to you or your race!


    Besides his hurting black women by dating any other race of women other than black, seriously when he was 18 years old she was 1 years old. My motto is if you could not have dated the person during your college years then you shouldn't be doing it now. The tradition of anything goes in our society is simply appalling and another contributing factor to divorce and wrong cyclic behavior passed down to generations to follow. We see this with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise; Ashton and Demi Moore; Randy Travis and Elizabeth. I love all these stars, but the young should not prey on the old for money. It's difficult to see this when pussy/dick has one blind sided.

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