Puppy Bowl VIII Starting Lineup: Revealed, Super Cute!

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Forget the Giants and the Patriots for a moment.

The stars of Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl VIII have been revealed! The annual game, which is really just a bunch of tiny puppies running around a faux football field all day Super Bowl Sunday, has become a hit, and for good reason.

What's not to love about 11 adorable little dogs, doing dog stuff? For hours on end? It's at least worth checking out during the pregame ... or DVRing for the kids.

Check out these adorable dogs now!

  • Peter the Dog
  • Tattoo the Dog
  • Sweetie Pie the Dog
  • Marbles the Dog
  • Hunter the Dog
  • Hollie the Dog
  • Fumble the Dog
  • Brandy the Dog
  • Baskin the Dog
  • Augusta the Dog
  • Anthony the Dog

From top to bottom and left to right, the stars of Puppy Bowl 8:

  1. PETER, Dachshund mix, 10 weeks
  2. TATTOO, Aussie mix, 14 weeks
  3. SWEETIE PIE, Catahoula mix, 11 weeks
  4. MARBLES, Dachsund, 13 weeks
  5. HUNTER, Boxer, 9 weeks
  6. HOLLIE, Border Collie, 11 weeks
  7. FUMBLE, Chihuahua-terrier mix, 9 weeks
  8. BRANDY, Pitbull/Collie mix, 11 weeks
  9. BASKIN, Jack Russell, 15 weeks
  10. AUGUSTA, Lab-Plott mix, 14 weeks
  11. ANTHONY, Pitbull mix, 12 weeks

The starters for the kitten halftime show are still TBA, BTW.

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OMG! 2 Pitbull mixes!!! eeeeeeeeeek! So cute!!!


What? No golden retriever puppy??? That must be some sort of mistake. They're the cutest!