Monica Spannbauer, Bachelor Castoff, Takes Shot at Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson

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Monica Spannbauer, The Bachelor's most recent castoff, says star Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson are a perfect match. Aww. So nice to say, right?

No. She means that quite negatively.

"I absolutely think she's wrong for Ben, but the more I watch - obviously I don't get to see everything that happens - they deserve each other," she said.

Courtney Robertson, who's like a model, has made a nasty habit of hating on other girls while pursuing Ben. And saying "winning" like a complete tool.

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Monica Spannbauer, who ruffled a few feathers herself in The Bachelor house, says she had no beef with Court personally ... but is still not a fan. At all.

"Courtney isn't a very nice person and I think she deserves everything that's coming toward her," Monica said, ominously. "Hands down, I think she's somebody different around other women and somebody different around a man."

Spannbauer also had a nice parting shot for Ben Flajnik.

"Courtney is really manipulative and good at what she does. Clearly that's the kind of girl Ben's looking for ... If they end up together, they deserve each other, because if he's that shallow and she's that manipulative, then they totally work."

Meow!! You tell us ... Courtney Robertson:


Ben is so stupid, he just wanted Coutney because she is a model.They will never last.She was only on the show to "win".


honesty, i think ben and courtney deserve each other. i really don't think he's that nice of a guy. "i'm sure you and jp will have a great life together" (sarcastically aka sore loser) and "tread lightly" to emily on this week's episode. he seems to have a short temper. AND he wants someone that will fit into "his" life. what about compromise and creating a life together. he'll pick courtney because she's so independent (*insert eye roll) and she'll end up cheating on him...for sure.


Kacie B. should have won. Every episode I feel that Ben only gets more and more self-centered. If he was looking for love like he SAYS he is (all the freaking time) then he would have picked any girl EXCEPT COURTNEY. Her name makes me gag!


Yeah--I'm not watching any more--he's either truly a stupid man; or a complete jerk.


I think he picked the one he did because he did not feel he wanted to marry any of them. Perhaps he really liked Kacie B and didn't waant to put her through the proposal and then the break up. He probably thinks he will have some fun with Courtney and then, well whatever. But I don't think anyone; any of the viewers, Ben or Courtney believes this will be a true marriage. The worst part of this saga is that the "winning!" starlet did win. But I am sure the producers prompted this pick. It is a set up for something coming.


Ben is a douche anyway. They deserve each other. He is SO shallow...It would have been much more honorable if he said no to the skinny dipping. But no. He just said "well, why not?" Whatever man. Girls like Jennifer, and Kacie B. are WAY to good for him.


Really, the skinny dipping while other women have no clue. Now who wants this Ben dude now? If these girls find out they should all leave the show immediately because he is a self centered creep.


I do not think Courtney is a good match for Ben if he truly wants a wife and a good mother for his children that he wants (or so he says). If he picks her and it works out - oh well....but I don't see it lasting. Kacie B. would be a wonderful wife and mother but maybe Ben wants something other than what he says he wants! They edit this show so much there is so much we really dont get to even see. So whatever...............


I'm in shock that he chose Courtney... My pick was Cacie B. from the lst night.. Courtney is self centered, focused on winning & running in different circles than the "shy wine grower." How can Men be so "stupid." It will NEVER last. He will get dumped by her ultimately. I'll give it 3 months.


I hate that he picks Courtney. Makes me want to not watch it the rest of this season! ...but like a train wreck, I probably will.

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