Mitt Romney Spars With Reporter After Being Called a Liar

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Normally unflappable Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney got into it with The Associated Press' Glenn Johnson today after basically being called a liar.

While attempting to brand himself as a Washington outsider, Mitt enjoys strong support from the GOP establishment, as well as lobbyists, Johnson pointed out.

Their exchange grew very testy after Johnson pressed Romney on whether one major lobbyist runs his campaign. Mitt insists the lobbyist is merely an "advisor."

Watch the video of the back-and-forth below:

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5 stars ***** to Glenn Johnson for telling it like it is!! If Mitt can't handle the heat now wait till next summer when us Democrats and President Obama expose him for who he really is!!


Remember when it was brought up how Hillary Clinton was not under sniper fire as claimed, and how Obama surrogates used that against her? Same thing here. Both Romney being exposed here and Hillary being exposed then are fair game. Just look at all of the past stuff being dredged up on Newt.


can all of you cite your sources making eroneous claims without citing your sources. To the people making insinuous claims against obama, stop and read any informing news paper, your views are so distorted, i did not vote for obama nor will i, but he is better than mitt romney and or any other gop candidate. no one from the democratic party will run against obama because its, for the lack of a better word, hieracy, to run against a member of your own party. The reporter was doing his job and being professional, if it were not for reporters probing and questioning then engagements like watergate would never have been exposed. For this video being two years old? i cannot comment on the circumstance, other than question why this is being promoted on the web now.


@Kim- You being from California is enough said. Here in the United States we like to be able to think for ourselves. You come from the Land of Kardashians & passing laws like- Gay Education in the Classroom and you think you know something about Reporting? You Liberals are a CANCER! You are so mislead you think everyone should think like you. Why don't you spend your time thinking about the Gun Running crap in Mexico with YOUR Administration. Obama is a Joke. No one sees him as a Leader. He has a look that says- Get me out of here! You should be embarrassed for voting for him in the 1st place.


This is the most dishonest bit of reporting. You all need to get together with that guy on the floor and update your jounalistic creds. This clip was from 4 years ago during that primary...nice try.




The reporter was being professional. It is his job to probe and ask the important questions, to ferret out truth from lies. Whether Romney is telling the truth, I don't know, but it was terrible for Romney's campaign manager to claim that the reporter was being argumentative and unprofessional.


Don't understand how anybody can be fooled into believing Romney is "Tea Party" or a Washington "outsider". This dude is so hardcore establishment. Why do people believe "talking points" and not get off their ass and physically look at voting records for character. Romney's record doesn't stand up, he is a liar and works only to remain in office and get paid as with all the other candidates, except Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. It makes me sick that no other Dems will run against Obama, but the party has pretty much denounced him! Something is wrong today and the only 2 honest candidates running are ignored and demonized by a majority who refuses to read history, liberty and are ignorant on foreign policy.


This happened four years ago, not today.


Do Lobbist run his campaign? Is that the best they can come up with? Next they will be reporting he cheated on a 5th Grade Social Studies test! It's amazing how some will be worried about him being a Mormon as well. Obama- He comes from the Church of Rev. Wright. It makes no difference what the Press says- All Republicans will get behind Romney when it's all over. None will run as a 3rd Party.