Meghan McCain Would "Slit My Wrists" if Dad Endorsed "Moron" Rick Santorum

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"If he had endorsed Santorum, I mean, I would be like slitting my wrists on the table right now." - Meghan McCain on John McCain's endorsement of Mitt Romney

Like her dad, Meghan McCain does not mince words.

In the wake of Tuesday's Iowa caucus, she didn't hold back on her feelings about surprise second-place finisher and frequent McCain critic, Rick Santorum.

“My father did not become the nominee having anything to do with the Iowa caucus. I find it completely irrelevant," she said. "If Rick Santorum becomes the nominee of this party, I mean, it is going to be bedlam and hysteria like you have never seen.”

As for whether a McCain endorsement will help Romney in next week's primary, the 27-year-old said it certainly couldn't hurt, given his popularity in the state.

"I think in New Hampshire the McCain name is very strong. If my father could run for Governor of New Hampshire right now, he'd probably still win," she added.

Romney leads N.H. and national polls in the Republican presidential race.

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I see now why John doesn't speak much. Meghan wont Shut the Fuck up long enough for him to talk.






The Republican party would tell both you and Sarah Palin to please shut up. Politicians and families mudsling, but normally try not to bring any negativeity to themselves. I could see a great number of people (reps and dems) taking offense to slitting her wrists. Just waiting for that backlash on her word choice. Sarah Palin used the word thug so much. How long before someone says she's being racist towards all black people? Any other family or nonrelevant republican member please shutup. You'll sink the whole party.


I like Meghan McCain. She's a smart chick and she is realistic. She understands that loonies like Santorum may appeal to the hard-line right wing, but not to independent swing voters, who tend to be moderate.


She finds the Iowa caucus completely irrelevant? That's interesting, because I'm pretty sure the whole state of Iowa finds her completely irrelevant!


she should shut her pie hole and do what she does best a half pound cheeseburger and fries will make her happy at least till snack time


Who is she again? What has she done? YAWN!!!!