Marines in Urination Video Identified, Questioned

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The U.S. Marines Corps has reportedly identified all four of the men in the now-infamous video in which they appear to be urinating on dead Taliban bodies.

All are reportedly part of a sniper team based in North Carolina.

The four belong to 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, which returned to the U.S.A. last fall after a tour in Afghanistan. Of the 1,000-person battalion, seven were killed in action.

So far, the names of the men have not been released.

CBS News reports that the Marines urinating in the video had been showing off the video as a "war trophy" at their home base in Camp Lejeune in N.C.

At least two of the Marines have been interviewed by USMC officials, but are not being detained as of right now. It is unclear what disciplinary action they may face.

A rep for the White House said this morning that President Barack Obama is aware of the video, but would not say if he has actually seen it yet.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, among many, many others in the past 24 hours, has condemned the video, calling the action "deplorable behavior."

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@ Eliza- Quit hiding behind ur bullsh!it patriotism and start thinking abt our men and women in the Middle East who may face the consequences of these 4 mens' actions.


@HEA.... This first part is for you. You're a former marine and have seen the effects that war has on men. PTSD, although unknown in '72, played a huge factor in many soldiers. Isolation with only your war buddies beside you. Then your buddy gets his legs blown off and you get to leave him there. You save your own life. You see a picture of your buddy hanging off a bridge, two wrongs don't make a right but.... The only thing these soldiers did wrong was to tape it. Piss, shit, whatever they want. An eye for an eye because the whole world is truly blind. Hate it or like it but you can't judge unless you've been in their shoes.


Shame On Me~ No one's giving Anyone a Bad name or going to be Crying about Anything! Where's your Back Bone for the USA? Who's side are you really on?????


@HEA the talibans are known for doing horrible things but the Marines are known as good people who fights for them urinating on the talibans, it makes the Marines just the same as the talibans!!!!! The Marines should be higher than taliban for Marine works for the good of others! But now their just on the same level as the talibans


All u people condoning this are giving democracy, Americans and our men and women of our military a bad name. Don't go crying about it either when they RETALIATE.


U.S. Marines Urinating on Taliban Corpses uncensored Video -


Well said Petroner~ Go USA!!


I dont look at the taliban as human beings, they are s$#@ to say the least and even calling them that is a compliment. What do you do when you sit on the toilet to take a dump? You piss on it exactly what these marines are doing pissing on a pile of S*&%


HEA~"These are Marine wannabes who should spend Long hard time in Military Prison for not obeying the oath they swore when they joined~and then they should be given a Dishornable Discharge with no hope for Military benefits in the future" If the tables were turned~Do you think the Taliban would say this about their own?
I Doubt it~ They stick 2gether much better than Americans do!


Renee - "I think its fantastic. U think they wouldn't do worse to us if they found our dead bodies? They attack us and behead us online and we get introuble for peeing on their dead bodies. Nice job USMC!!! if i was there i'd pee on them too!" Then you don't get it either!!! We're there to protect and defend innocents, and to show all there, including our enemies, a better way. How is pissing on our enemies showing anyone a better way? This was pure immature behavior these soldiers should have outgrown. Sure, to the victor remains the spoils, but if the victor does not treat those spoils with respect and honor, the victor soon becomes the enemy, and we have too many US/Allied boots still on the ground there to put them in danger from any of our troops behavior so childishly and dishonorably. Get it now!?!