Lana Del Rey Struggles Through Saturday Night Live Performance [Video]

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Poor Lana Del Rey.

The singer seems perfectly nice, and she clearly has some talent, but the artist was overwhelmed on her Saturday Night Live debut yesterday, shifting awkwardly from foot to foot during a rendition of "Video Games," randomly rubbing her hip, lacking any and all energy or emotion.

Del Rey mumbled in to the microphone and rushed through her lyrics, as the faces of her backup band members even look horrified on her behalf. See the train wreck for yourself and join us in wishing Lana better luck next time.

If there is a next time for her, that is...

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I couldn't agree more Dean! This is one of the most beautiful and unique songs to come along in awhile. The first time I heard this song, I thought I would be able to anticipate the musical progression as you can with every other song on the radio, but it literally surprised me at every turn. I wasn't even sure I liked it until I listened a third and fourth time. Now I can actually appreciate it for what it is, it's fantastic.


harry potter screwing up the opening was pretty funny too


I think this performance was very good and it suits her. Keep it minimalistic


This performance was WAY off....but this woman has some talent!!! If she is the one behind the writing on her out. She delves into subjects, uses words, that you just dont here today. Not to mention she is supremely beautiful. You take great lyrics, a crazy yet refined delivery of those lyrics, and the beauty that this dame posseses and you have STAR written all over this completely unique individuals forehead. She makes music in the world of 2012 and some how makes it still relevant in 1962... Keep up the use of the 50s/60s imagery. That is your calling. It's rockabilly meets Dolce and Gabbana


well, it seems that she had an off performance. not terrible, but it's not quite as good as her studio recordings. Some people are just better studio artists. It seems like this may be the case, unfortunately the genre she is grouped with prides itself on small shows and performance value (generally). The people yelling that she was off-key a bunch... listen to some other female vocal stylists and many that have a low, covered tone like hers sound flat though they aren't. Give her a break. not her best... but definitely not a joke as some were saying.


Adele please get well!!!


Tell you what makes this performance awkward and it's nothing to do with Lana; the band is playing too fast and adding vulgar and uneccassary flourishes that sh*t on the spirit of what this song is about. This track has been made with the actual science of song-making, using prolonged silence to create it's haunting quality, but this useless band completely forgot about. If you hated this performance you are the type of person who responds to those hideous Americanised adverts with explosions and glitter because your saturated-fat indulged brains have no attention span and your opinions are as tasteless as your diet. Trust an American website with a 'bikini photos' section to start lecturing us on class. This woman is the most unique and interesting talent to come from mainstream US culture in ages. Perhaps that's why she lives in the UK as you don't seem to get it. Run along and watch X-factor while we enjoy her music and in 10 years time you can look back and see how wrong you were.


A strange performance with some strange an uncharacteristic faults.
So give the girl a little privacy. She might explain what happened, and we might believe her. But it's not really our business what happened on SNL. If you listen to the full 14-track album from Jan 2010, plus the excellent "Disco" and "Elvis" from 2008, then read her interviews and watch the several live performances on YouTube you get a picture of an intelligent, talented, private and fragile artist. Hype and hating will not help her, or us as listeners.


The problem with Lana del Rey is that she is over produced by wealthy people who are trying to market her as an 'Indy' artist (look and sound, topics). But she has none of the experience or credibility of an Indy artist (i.e. someone who 1. writes their own music (not just lyrics) and 2. plays their own music (not just singing)) She's imitating music from a genre that has to do with poverty, voluntarism and community networks but with out any of those real life connections. She's a human being and deserves respect in that sense but in my opinion its not right to support her musically on account of her producers. plus there is way better music out there that actually needs support!