Kristen Stewart in Vanity Fair: First Look!

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Kristen Stewart does her best Kate Middleton impression in the latest issue of Vanity Fair.

As scooped by E! News, the Twilight Saga beauty took off for Paris yesterday in order to pose for an upcoming spread in the famous magazine and it looks like she'll be featured in one seriously glamorous, big-hatted pictorial when the issue eventually comes out, as you can see here:

Kristen Stewart in Vanity Fair

Stewart won't be seen next in Breaking Dawn. Snow White and the Huntsman comes out this June and fans are buzzing over its trailer. Can you blame them?

Expect Kristen to be featured in many more magazines and interviews leading up to that blockbuster's release.

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Ginnifer Goodwin of Once Upon a Time looks a much better snow white than this Plain Jane


Kristen is a natural beauty, with or without make up, she is really georgeous. I could'nt wait for the Snow white, and the On the road. I just wanted to see more of her and Robert. Hope they are really in a relationship.


So true sue so TRUE!


So glad she is not a Lindsey or Paris. Not showing her twat all the time in public. I would rather see her finger, thank you very much! At least she works, looks and acts good. Glad she is not your standard but her own standard. Beautiful VF photos! Love them...


She's actually really pretty... just saying. And DAMN I want to see Snow White, SO BAD! :D


Always with same expressions and NOOOOO i`m not jelouse cos Rob his not my cup of tea,my husband is more handsome thankyou.


Oh you all are just jealous cause Rob loves her


Oh you all are just jealous cause Rob loves her!


i think she is beautiful.


Oh do shut up..i just do not like the way she looks and acts ok. Booooooo... Sorry if ur in love w her my bad. Snow White should be someone very beautiful that didnt play a slutty vampire..O.o thats my opinion.