Kourtney & Kim Take New York Season Finale Rekap: Loser Kim Gives Kris the Boot!!

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The moment we've been waiting for finally kame. Sort of.

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    I accidentally ran into Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.
    You can digg it here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape (uncensored version)

    Kourtney & Kim Take New York Season Finale Rekap: Loser Kim Gives Kris the Boot!!
    Guys, dont work your right hands out))
    You are welcome)


    I'm with Cami on this one. I never cared about the Kim boycott up until last nights season finale. When the show ended I was UTTERLY DISGUSTED! This chick is so full of bullsh*t. She is an witch with a black heart !! She tried to pretend that the marriage brought out the worst in her. I remember in prior episodes of all the other Kardashian shows that she was nasty and self centered. Just a couple of weeks ago she chewed her sister out. All she did this season is showed her true UGLY face behind all that makeup. I too signed the boycott Kim page after this episode. The very next thing she should go shopping for is a SOUL !!


    I thought the weirdest thing, with all that money get waterproof mascara when fake crying!!! I actually got my hubby to watch the last 2 with me (he objected). We had the same thoughts....they were not together 24-7 for 72 days, so spare me how tough things were for you. Kourtney was right when she called Kim a bitch. Almost anyone can make it 72 days. Try 17 years and then you can say how hard it was. We're not "in love" anymore. I was so pissed over a tv show. Ugh. He seemed to really want to try, but would agree awkward.


    How could anyone ever think it's a good idea to get married and then directly go live in a hotel with another couple with a child and a slew of camera men filming every moment of your new beginning. Fake or not...this "marriage" never had a chance. On a side note, Kim needs to grow up and stop thinking only of herself.


    To me i really pity Kim and Kris,first they both were not a match and they didn't deserve each other.Kris is such a rude guy who doesn't love seeing people around while Kim love people.i knew from the very start it was all a drama thank god Kim realised herself faster and had to let it go.Kris need to sit up!


    I was so devoted to the the Kardashians, especially Kim, but after last night, to keep supporting her makes me a complete idiot. No more! I signed www.boycottkim.com


    Kim is so obnoxious & so is her family. I really felt bad for her ex. Kim did not take her vows seriously at ALL! What happened to "for better or for worse" & "to death do us part"?!!? The second things get tough she bails on the poor guy. Kim is a fame & money hungry slampig that needs to get the f**k off my tv ASAP! I would jus stop watching but, its like a trainwreck you jus have to watch! But this season was obnoxious & pathetic & im am proud of myself I only watched the last two episodes. She makes me sick!


    Britney Free you are the only moron here by calling kim the same, cause you re earning money writing about here....ahahhahahaha by the way I'm not the kims fan but the show is definitely interesting, but you are so lame hahahaahhaha


    Kim was not believable in the show at all, all the fake crying. Also when she talks you can see one eye pointed towards the cue card.
    She treated the guy terribly, she acted like he was a boyfriend and that relationship didn't work out and she didn't like him anymore, so she got rid of him. She is all about herself as Wendy Williams always says!


    Kim is a fool and Kris was a jerk !!! He threw parties with girls while she was away and went to clubs in other country without her knowing !! I would flip the f#@% out too !! Who could blame her on that one !! Pictures also surfaced on the internet with Kris and some chicks hanging out at her place and they were going through her stuff !!

    Kim thought that if Khloe got married soo fast then she would find love fast too (NOT !!)

    Kim doesn't think when it comes to love look at her track record very foolish and stupid !!!

    Now that this is over Kim really needs to go away ala Paris Hilton !!

    So tired of her stupid life !!

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