Kirstie Alley's Weight Loss Plan: Dance For 100 Days

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Kirstie Alley has lost 100 pounds since her peak weight. That's amazing.

But how does the Dancing With the Stars finalist plan on keeping it off?

On New Year’s Day, Alley launched 100 Days of Dance, a program in which she encourages people to dance for 100 consecutive days in order to lose weight or stay fit.

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"I want everyone to experience some version of Dancing with the Stars," says Alley, 60. "People don't have to do monotonous, zombie workouts that are boring."

"Dancing is free and you can do it anywhere and any time."

The actress, now a size 6 and 130 lbs., says she backs up her big talk, staying fit by dancing 1-2 hours a day and following the diet plan Organic Liason.

She'll post videos of herself dancing on the site for 100 days starting on Sunday and she hopes to spotlight exotic locales with special guests along the way.



I think she looks fantastic. She has an exuberant spirit and I'm glad she didn't let the haters get her down. You go, girl! But, Kirstie, why do you claim you are a 6? That's so weird. I am an 8, and she looks bigger than me by a size or even two.


I feel for the lady who posted about medications that cause weight gain. I have battled with my weight for years and am 57. I, too, am on medications and it seems almost impossible to lose weight. However, I agree that being more physically active is better for heart and health.


God Bless you Kirstie! You look great! I guess some people don't realize that if you are tall and size six it will make you look thinner, and if you are short and size six it will make you look heavier. Just look at some of the elementary kids who are only 4 ft and very overweight at size 6. They should be wearing a little girls size 12. Anyway, they must be taller if they think they look thinner than you. I think you look fantastic, and God always says in his word, Blessing comes with persecution. I guess it's because people are jealous or just plain negative. Have a Great Day!


No matter if u r rich or poor it is a job to lose weight and a job to keep it off.


She Looks FANTASTIC.. hmmm thinking ....its time for me to dance again!!


Maybe she sqeezed into a size 6 of not your daughters jeans or some other 30 percent spandex jean. Im a size 10 and she looks like a size 12 to me - especially with her large bustline.


She looks great. Kudos to her for losing the weight but lying about your size and weight just makes others feel like she is still not happy with her appearance. After 2 kids I am now a size 6. She definitely looks bigger than I do. Don't get me wrong she is an inspiration but perhaps she should either keep her numbers to herself or say the real number and inspire people to be proud that they look good and not be so concerned about numbers.


I'm turning 65 this month and I know in the past I could lose weight by walking as well as dancing..I feel for her as a woman we have so much pressure on us to look I'm on medications that cause weight gain and it sucks..I do wish her the best....


she looks great, but they lost the 1 in front of the 6.... she looks more like a size 16 then a 6..... but the fact is she has lost 100 pounds. i have been going to the gym since Feb 2011 and i have ;lost 62 pounds and i feel so much better, but i love going to the gym every other day, its my ME time.... i have 30 more i want to lose. i wear a size 16 and an extra large in my shirts cause my boobs are so but anyway.... WAY TO GO ALLEY..... you look great


I want to loose weight, but I take care of my 86 handecap mother, By the time i cook,clean house, take care of her and keep the yard clean , oh and dont forget about the dogs. What do you eat that help you loose weight, I am 65 and need help PLEASE

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