Kirstie Alley Weight Loss Pics: 100 Pounds Later ...

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Time for a big, fat celebration.

There are celebrity weight loss stories, and then there's this. Kirstie Alley cleared the 100 lb. weight-loss hurdle this summer, a truly impressive feat.

"When I hit that mark, I went, 'That's it!'" Alley told People this week from Florence, Italy. "I have more energy than I've ever had in my whole life."

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss Picture
Fat Kirstie Alley Picture

While Alley's weight has fluctuated in recent years, the actress, now 60, hit a wall two years ago at 230 pounds: "My body had gotten really weak."

No longer.

By dancing daily after her dazzling appearance on Dancing with the Stars, where she came in second, changing to an organic diet and following Organic Liaison, her own weight-loss program, she's turned her life around for good.

"There was nothing positive about being fat. Now I feel back to normal," the star, now a proud size 6 and 130 pounds, says. "I have my game again."

Her next challenge: "What I'm looking for is to be madly, deeply in love," says Alley, who will also star in the upcoming ABC pilot, The Manzanis.

"For the first time in my life, I know exactly what I want in a man," she says. "I want someone who has my back, who is courageous and brave."

Her new body can only help. Along with her dance moves:



Does anybody noe wts her diet plan cuz I couldn't find it I'm trying to lose weight as I'm a uk size 10 buh I wnt to get into a size 8 or 6!!!!!!!!!!!


I would love to lose 150 pounds and be slim again. maybe one day i can afford to get weight loss plan that will work for me. I am very proud of all theses women who lose weight and keep it off. I just hope I will be able to do it.


She will never be a size zero.


People are different shapes and sizes.....I weight 143 and everyone guesses me at 130.....People carry weight ya cant really say shes lying.... in-less you looked at her pant size yourself and know for a fact....I personally dont think is she is either cuz I myself look smaller and wear 6-8


Is it just me or does it look like her and Maks are bit "cozy"???

Tanya francis

Wow, she looks great whatever her current weight and size is. I am proud of her , I hope she can maintain it. I think she can!!


so what was her diet in as food or exercise program it says nothing as i can see


She looks great and I am glad for her. However, size 6 must be the huge American sizes. She is not even near a size 14 but rather looks like a number 18, but wow she is stunning now. I am 60 and 1.79 (5.9) I am not thin but not big either, and I wear a size 16 which I think I should be a 14 and then will look good to myself.


I am so happy for Kirsty. She has a lot of inner strength and determination. Best of luck for a happy and long lasting future.


I don't think we ll ever know her real weight she looks awesome I am very proud of her shes a fighter determine daring a pistle .go ahead girrrrrrlllll I hope you meet your Mr.right .

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