Jerry Sandusky Issues Statement on Joe Paterno

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Jerry Sandusky - the disgraced former Penn State assistant whose alleged, despicable actions led to a cover-up that will forever tarnish Joe Paterno's legacy - has issued a statement on the passing of the iconic football coach.

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    Ole Paterno and Sandusky had their day in the sun. Ya see that God put the devil in charge of the world and Paterno knew it. He let Sandusky pay da dues an Paterno became a still picture in a moving world. Sad day indeed


    Sandusky really needs to shut up. He muddied Joe's name and created a bitter taste for papa joe abroad. Yes he had an obligation. Could he have done more? Yes, but he did report it. Joe did not see this firsthand nor has he been accused of molesting young men. Sandusky is a pedophile, yet more attention went to Paterno's actions. It saddens me he died while this scandal ran rampant.


    arthur in this society, if u blab everyone says u are a snitch. paterno did what he was supposed to do. he didn't see anything, he just heard about a suspected incident, and he did what was required - he reported what he heard. u can blame others, but leave joe alone. this society flip flops on what is socially acceptable. either you are told NOT to snitch, or you're told TO snitch. don't judge unless you find yourself in the same situation!


    The bottom line:
    Mike McQueary, Joe Paterno sought vindication under the “Letter of the Law” (only do what the law requires) and appear fearful or afraid to “Snitch on” Jerry Sandusky as being a suspected child molester employee at Penn State.
    Tim Curley and Gary Schultz didn’t honor the “Letter of the Law” or the “Spirit of the Law”. Everyone involved didn’t love these children like they were their own child, grandchild, cousin, or nephew etc.
    How sad that self-righteousness and moral purity are so easily trumped by job security and “I don’t want to get involved”; which leads to the many unnecessary and “Avoidable” molestations!!!


    ummm...i don't remember jerry sandusky KILLING anyone (???)...did I miss that news broadcast?


    KILLER! Why do we care what this guys thinks or says!!!

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