Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart: Making Out in Miami!

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart got down and dirty with each other on New Year's Eve.

The American Idol judge and the 24-year backup dancer spent the weekend in Miami Beach, according to People, starting the party on Thursday night at nightclub Amnesia.

"They were very sexy with each other, dancing and bouncing around and making out," a witness says, adding that the pair hung out until 3 a.m. "They couldn't help but attract attention, although Jennifer was trying to lie low from onlookers."

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Marc Anthony is reportedly steamed over J. Lo's romance with Smart, even threatening to take away custody of her children, but another source says Lopez looked "very happy" at the hot spot.

She and Smart are hotter than ever, in fact, as insiders confirm they went out on a yacht Friday afternoon, while J. Lo went shopping with her daughter on Saturday afternoon.

The couple stayed at a private residence all weekend and rang in 2012 at the Soho Beach House with friends.

Take that, Marc!

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]


To all you judgemental, hyprocritical haters. JLo has every right to do what ever she wants. Marc Anthony is a cheating bastard and a controling freak. Who the hell wants to be controled by a little pecker with a big EGO! I am sooo sure that every moraly concerned person that has expressed concern for her kids has a skeleton in their bunch of liers! You all know that if you had the money and talant this women has you would do what ever you wanted. You folks are not God to be dispensing any judgment over anyone. I am sure she is a wonderful Mom and who cares if she wants a little something on the side. If it was a man doing this all men would applaude. Who cares what her age is she looks HOT! if you hate her for that you must have very low self esteam....get over youselves!...Better yet get a life!!!


I say leave her alone she is a grown independent woman and if she wants to date someone in their 20's who cares let her.. No need to be jealous!!


hey if thats what she wants let her get it, please who wants a old man go jlo


Can't blame Jen for going out and getting a little "NIP" on the side. She is a horny little thing who needs it.


J-Lo is 42 a Mother of 2 beautiful kids that she decided to
have with Marc Anthony, She is always stating in her interviews her main concern is her childrens. Than I do not understand why she choose to be with a child that is reckless with the law terrible example to her kids and it does not said much a about her choice in man. She was better off staying with Marc Anthony the father of her kids, if she was heading this road of trying too hard to be something she officially is not ( Young).


JLo may be beautiful but at 40 something she ought to at least begin to kiss youth goodbye. Dating a guy in his early twenties wont bring your youth back and she definitely can't marry him (too awkward) and if these Hollywood bitches couldn't learn from Demi, well they are in for it.


@luvmybaby couldn't agree gets worse progressively.
From Ben Affleck to Marc Anthony to...him.


Is it me or does she have horrible taste in men?


no ones perfect at the end of the day smarts really hot looking nd so is Jlo so i see y she would wont some1 so mch younger than her to jst have alittle fun nd be young again even though she does all that sht doent mean she will neglect her kids


J.lo is desperately trying to hold on to her youth! by dating toy boy!:). I feel for her twins!!. Its just a matter of time that Marc Anthony will score himself a brandnew hot young chick!!. Again it's the twins I feel sorry for.

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