Marc Anthony to Fight for Custody, Make J. Lo "Suffer"

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The divorce between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony may have started off amicably enough... but the former's relationship with backup dancer Casper Smart has thrown a contentious wrench into the couple's split.

Following reports that Anthony was throwing tantrums over J. Lo moving on so quickly, the latest issue of Us Weekly states that Anthony is set to cause major problems between the pair.

After initially ceding primary custody to the American Idol judge, Anthony is now "going back on his word and saying his wants joint custody," an insider tells the tabloid.

Custody War?
Marc Anthony on the Mic

Why would Anthony use the former couple's twins in such a manner? The answer is simple, says this source: "He wants to make Jennifer suffer because she's having fun with someone new, and he knows this will hurt her on the deepest level."

Overall, the divorce is "getting vicious," the magazine reports.

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Know what I hate both of you, Marc n JLO! Marc you're some dirty ass cheater and JLo You're like a dog who needs to get a life. I don't wanna say slut but you really are some wailing hooker who needs a man bad. Well guess what grow old and die alone and same for you Marc!


J-Lo is beyond a whore Yes I agree with that but marc knew it and still married her so you can't really pick sides. You can't turn a hoe into a house wife hoes don't act wright


First of all, Marc is getting what he deserves in seeing JLo out and about moving on with another man. Is he conveniently forgetting that the ink wasn't even dry on his divorce papers when he married Jennifer? That Dayanara Torres was blind sided with his cheating with Jennifer? Marc, you're a cheater, always have, always will be... You are just like Jennifer, can't be alone either... Both those kids are going to grow up screwed up because they have screwed up parents... If he's such a good father, why isn't he with his other there kids? You barely see him with his kids... And like we say in Spanish, Lo mal quitao nunca dura.... Jlo, should remember that....


JLo is one of the selfish and really unethical woman of Holywood.
I do not understand how American Idol keeps this woman... She should have never made children. She does not know how to be a good mother. I hope MARC should take the full custody of his children. He is a caring, stable individual.


I agree with Marc who should get the joint custody of his children. He is a great father and has been cheated by Jennifer. She has no idea to be a mother. Go Marc GOOOOOOO:::::


I think jlo is big slut she changes more men then she does her panties.she should not have the kids at all to show them what to be sluts


I agree with the person that said j lo is acting like she can't be without a man she's 40 not 20 I thought this time around she'de take time of relationships to see why she is back at square one again.why shouldn't marc want partial custody he's there father he's always been there for his children if shes gonna bring this mess into there childrens life doesn't he have a say so I mean he's a kid this new guy when she meets a real man okay but now I just don't see marc as being spiteful I see him as a concerned dad.


She tried to put on a Good Front! Ben A. Mother saw right thru it. You cannot Bullshit a Bullshitter. You can take the Girl out of the Bronx but not the Bronx out of the Girl! She is the Type like Kim K. - Madonna- etc. they get that itch!


I think Marc needs to do whats right for his children. Jlo should have been a little more discreet and have some respect for Marc and herself, for the sake of the children. She needs to realize that she is no longer in her 20's and now has children, which she claims she wanted more than anything, and now she is bring her trash home to them. Jlo should act like a mother since she didnt know how to act like a wife. All that stuff about finding true love is a bunch of crap from her, she is acting like a dog in heat, she doesnt know how to be without a man long enough to know what real love is. Jlo you need to find yourself; act your age.

@ Angann626

That's right. Why she made a song Love Don't cost a thing when she doesn't how to show love for a man and keeps saying find true love when she herself doesn't know how? She's some stupid hypocrite! Thanx a lot Jho!


Why is evry1 takin things personal.i fink d stupid ppl here ar u.hw can sum1 fightin 4 custody of his children make it known publicly,definately he is not dt stupid 2 kno he'd loose if he does.mayb sum1 cookd it al stupid ppl 2 digest.

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