Jane Carrey, Daughter of Jim, Auditions for American Idol

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Move over, Jim Carrey! Another family member is on the way to Hollywood.

On last night's San Diego-based audition episode, 24-year old Jane Carrey tried out for American Idol, shocking Jennifer Lopez, who worked with her father way back in the day on In Living Color.

Seemingly a very normal waitress with a very cute family, Jane covered the Bonnie Raitt classic "Something to Talk About" and received a Golden Ticket based on merit, not her famous, funny connections. Watch her try out below, followed by a call to her father with the good news:


Billy Idol at the Bridge School concert. A real treat. If any folks have never been to the Bridge School it may qaufily as a bucket list item. See him when Neil Young wants all artists to perform sans amplified guitars !! NOT for Billy IDOL. Poor Neil always looking on in dismay and a huge grin. Go for IDOL. Sorry everyone this is the only performance I have found so far ..Dennis Ergas


It will be interesting to see how far she makes it. Idol has a history of voting off some of their best contestant like jennifer hudson in favor of the ones who are not so hot like kelly clarkson. jennifer hudson has accomplished alot since being voted off and where are the winners like taylor hicks and kelly clarkson? Somewhere along the line idol has become less about talent. I stopped watching after a 17 yr old gospel singer was voted off. Her voice was one of the best that season and she should have won or been one of the very last standing. Idol has become a joke.


Shannon I agree with you. Just because her dad is famous does not mean this is not a dream of hers. Let her go for god sake she did good and was put through like the rest of them. Remember America votes so everyone that thinks she only made it cuz of her dad... We will see!


I was thinking the same, but then she says she wants to be her own person. Maybe she doesn't want to live off her dad's fortune. Some people just are like that.


She's living her own life, not her daddy's. If more stars did it that way thier kids would be in alot less trouble.


Why is she a waitress when her dad is a millionaire? Wow.


so all can tell by your screen name you are an ASS!! RJB. She sang just as well as the others that moved forward. And just because her daddy is Jim Carey does not mean she will make it big. If that was the case her daddy would have already done it for her....so quit being a jealous asinine bastard. I wish her luck she deserves a chance just like everyone else who auditioned for the show.


Average looking at best and I've heard more passionate singing at an office karaoke contest. The reason why she is moving on is the exact reason why American Idol is a joke.


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