Jan Brewer, President Obama Trade Barbs on Tarmac

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer received an earful from President Obama when she met him on an airport tarmac outside Phoenix yesterday - and responded in kind.

The Democratic chief executive and Republican governor could be seen engaged in an intense conversation right at the base of Air Force One's steps.

Both could be seen smiling, but speaking forecefully at the same time. At one point, Jan Brewer pointed a finger directly in Barack Obama's face. Why?

Asked later what the conversation was about, Brewer, who recently published Scorpions for Breakfast, said, "He was a little disturbed about my book."

Something of a memoir of her years growing up, Scorpions defends her signing of Arizona's controversial law cracking down on undocumented immigrants.

Obama, who opposes that law, was objecting to Brewer's description of a meeting they had at the White House in June 2010. Bad blood has boiled since.

Brewer described Obama as lecturing her like "a little kid in a classroom, if you will, and he was this wise professor ... I felt minimized to say the least."

The Governor also said that later that year, Obama blew her off when he was in town to deliver the commencement address at Arizona State University.

On the tarmac Wednesday, Brewer handed Obama an envelope with a handwritten invitation to meet her for lunch and to join her for a visit to the border.

"I said to him, you know, I have always respected the office of the president and that the book is what the book is," she told reporters Wednesday.

She said Obama was upset that she wrote he was not cordial: "I said that I was sorry he felt that way. Anyway, we're glad he's here, and we'll regroup."

The President is visiting the Grand Canyon State to push for initiatives laid out in his State of the Union address, which began his reelection bid in earnest.

Obama in 2012?


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David Duke should run..its the countries only hope.


The President did what normal people. Lets think about this. Someone comes to your home for an event and then leaves and says..oh I had a good time, It was really nice, TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS...But in the Presidents case TO THE PRESS!! Then writes a book and says your place sucked and that they wish they would have never bothered going..and all your friends read this. But in the Presidents case, the public reads it. Months later you see them, and its funny because they knew what they said and NOW they want to be invited back???? The President called her on the carpet and she got STUCK! So all she could do was bitch, moan, and throw a fit putting her finger in his face instead of portraying herself as a woman. VERY disrespectful. You have the NERVE to come back to the President and try to get back in and think he's REALLY not going to say anything. Really people???? She lucky he didn't have the secret service HEM HER ASS UP!! Or better yet, she lucky Michelle wasn't there!




@ Reed its amazing how Obama is So "arrogant" because he doesnt want to hear about "scorpions for breakfast" as soon as he gets off the plane. but since when has this turns into a black/white thing. its funny how YOU PEOPLE try to cover IGNORANCE by just blaming it on him. smh I just think YOU PEOPLE are just upset at the fact that he's in office period. You sound so unintelligent right now calling him names and saying hes not a leader. are u serious? look at what he's done with the health reform, and the war? how he just takes every ignorant blow that has been thrown at him. If she would of put her finger in my face, black, white, asian whatever i would have put that bitch in her place!


Disrespect the President? Bullshit! Disrespect is when you get on National TV like that Useless Bucket of Assholes-" Kanye West" and accuse President Bush of being a Racist during Katrina- so don't even start that shit! If Obama was Half a Fucking Man he would have never Mentioned the book and kept it on a Business level. Sometimes- When you go out looking for shit- In return you get shit.


@ Maryland Girl! RESPECT is SOMETHING you EARN! Obama stepped off the Plane and mentioned the Book- That's when he got the Finger! This guy is ARROGANT -Egotistical and by no stretch of the imagination can be called a Leader! His Liberal Media is calling people Racist if they are Tea Party or even Republican. In short- We are tired of the Racist Fucking labeling that you people are know for. This Country Black Population is 17% Black which means there is not enough of you registered to Vote to elect anyone so who the Fuck do you think voted for his USELESS Ass to begin with-Whites!


this is rediculous. why, is it now okay to totally disrespect the President. They've called him a liar, tar-baby, an imigrant, and they've puts their finger in his face? The president is WAAAAYYY to nice, and shouldnt be dealing with this this type of behavior, i mean, he IS the PERSIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! So what if you dont like his views , the way he runs the country or the color of his skin. at the end of the day he's still human, and he's still the president. He DESERVES respect.


I'm gonna have to side with team who gives a shit, they're both deplorable people. All your sweet fact finding skills and you can't report on anything worthwhile??

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