Greg Kelly, Fox Morning Anchor, Accused of Rape

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Greg Kelly, a co-host on Fox News' Good Morning New York and the son of that city's police Commissioner, has been accused of rape.

The reporter was not in his usual seat on that program this morning because a woman told cops she met Kelly for a drink on October 8 at the South Street Seaport. He then allegedly went back to the law office at which she worked and sexually assaulted the female.

A source tells The New York Daily News that the accuser did not report the crime until Tuesday night, while other insiders claim the incident resurfaced after the woman's boyfriend learned about what happened and actually approached Commissioner Raymond Kelly in person at an event.

Good Day New York reported the story today, but did not reveal any information about Kelly's long or even short-term status on the show.

Asked about her co-worker, Rosanna Scotto simply told the newspaper: "I love Greg. That's all I can say."

The New York County District Attorney's office is conducting the investigation and, through his attorney, Kelly "strenuously denies any wrongdoing of any kind."

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I don't believe it....I miss Greg in the mornings......sorry you have to go through this Greg....hope u are exonorated sooner than later....


You are wmecole Paloma, but I´m not involved with the web I´m only a big follower. I hope that the creators will returns soon…·J3·


If what the media is reporting is true, that the accuser waited 3 MONTHS to report her encounter with Mr. Kelly as a rape, well that just does not sound right. From what the media is reporting, there were many "explicit, sexual" texts going back & forth. How humilitating it must be for Mr. Kelly to know that his father's colleagues are reading messages which were only meant for that woman. The woman who invited him to her office...... Sorry but you can't have it both ways. Give the man a break. He has worked hard to get to where he is & doesn't deserve whats happening. I miss seeing his handsome face every morning! Hope he's back very soon!


First.How do we know he didn't rape her? Let her have her day in court before you comment.You may end up looking like a fool if you don't.


she's mad cause he dumped her after she kept blowing up his cell phone.He never wanted you, what ever happend is over. you must be a broke down lawyer who cant get clients because you suck at your job really bad. Wow!! greg kelly, really???


I really love Greg Kelly. Can't even imagine him involved in something like this. He seems to be a really good person. I will stay loyal as long as I can.


Ok, now some of you just sound crazy. It's because she's a liberal or a democrat? Do we really think that bringing down Greg Kelly is the sure fire way to bring down republicans or Fox News? Really? A story can be fabricated about ANYONE - Romney, Gingrich, Paul - and they would choose Greg Kelly to hurt the republican party?!?! Step away from the drugs, folks.


The only reason this happened was that the woman is a democrat and they are trying to get rid of Fox News and any and all allegations for any kind of misdeed(s) are jumped on by the libtards who think they need to destroy Fox news. What a stupid woman, if she's an attorney would anyone want this dingbat to represent them. I think not. FILE CHARGES FOR SLANDER AND DEFAMATION AGAINST HER GREG, INCLUDE HER HUSBAND IN THE CHARGES, MAYBE HE'S BEHIND THIS.


Im sorry but she continued to contact him after this happened. She is an attorney. Why did she take him back to her office, was her boyfriend home? What was she looking for, a quiet place to talk? sounds like her boyfriend caught her cheating. Too many women do this to men, not realizing what harm they are doing.


I also LOVE Greg Kelly, he seems like a wonderful, fun guy. I'm sure this Girl is just trying to get money, publish a book or be in a lifetime movie. Poor Greg!!! We got your BACK GREG KELLY NO WORRIES