Deena From Jersey Shore With No Makeup: Holy ...

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Deena Cortese is the latest Jersey Shore star to go without makeup in a self portrait on Twitter, ditching the fake eyelashes, contacts and orange skin that are her staple.

The Meatball shared the no-makeup pic herself yesterday, writing "Lol no makeup n hairs in a pony but makos [the cat's] face is too cute not to tweet." Indeed. So true.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

Deena follows in the footsteps of her BFF - remember Snooki without makeup earlier this month? - and we have to say, the change is a positive (albeit short-lived one).

Doesn't she look good? And probably 10 pounds lighter when you take off all that crap? You tell us. Check out these Deena Corese pics and vote on her best look!

And the Winner is?

What's Deena's best look? Makeup or No Makeup? View Poll »

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that isnt even deena.. just look at the little differences in the apperance. the mole on the lower right side by her chin isnt in the picture with makeup and you can not cover those up believe me ive tryed.. and the percings arent there either. try again....


Holy Crap! ! ! Put a bag over that FUGLY Bimbo. How dare you guys, we shouldn't be subjected to this kind of evil.


Wow.. she looks SO much prettier in the no makeup one!!


Filthy cum guzzlr.


No makeup, but keep the green contacts. It makes her face pop.


she's so pretty without makeup!


Call 1-800-Fkn-Ugly..... and stay on the line even if they keep you on hold for a Fucking Month!


she looks a lot older with all that make up, she should go for a more natural look

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