Snooki Without Makeup: Holy ...

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Wow. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from Jersey Shore actually looks semi-normal when you strip away the fake eyelashes and several gallons of lipstick and bronzer.

Seriously, she's demonstrably average looking!

The 24-year-old drunken maniac / reality star tweeted this all-natural photo of herself earlier today, with the caption "no make up today, and IDC [I Don't Care]."

Doesn't she look surprisingly decent? And probably 10 pounds lighter when you take off all that crap? You tell us. Check out these Snooki pics and vote on her best look!

And the Winner is?

Does Snooki look better with makeup or without makeup? Cast a ballot for your favorite photo of the Jersey Shore star and vote for her best look! View Poll »

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Either this is her or a much older picture of her. Compare the necks and you can tell the difference. The other picture has a thinner neck without lines and without cleavage while her pic with make up has a fatter neck, with lines and cleavage. Her face also looks fatter on the other pic.


Snooki looks beautiful with OR without make-up..
And to people who may think that, that is not Snooki;
Whenever you wear make-up you can do alot of different things with your face such as, putting alot of eye make-up on, making you're eyes look wider. And putting certain blushes on certain places of your face to make your nose look skinner. And that looks exactly like what she may have did. So I'm just saying that is MOST-LIKELY her.


This photo is a fake. Snooki Wishes she looked like this with OR without makeup! That pic is WAY too pretty to be Snooki!


she does looks great people just want to be a hater .


Snooki actually does look 12 years old with no makeup on....It's amazing how makeup can make someone looks sooooo makes you look cheap, if you overdo it, as Snooki does....


I can't believe people hate on snooki so much! I mean what the fuck is your problem! Go fuckin do one and leave snooki alone!


If you think it's not her keep in mind: Makeup = HUGE difference. Webcam vs. professional photo = HUGE difference (webcam photos "blur" the shadows and contours of the face, inevitably making the person look younger). My take on some of the other differences: Lips: In the natural photo, obviously her lips are pursed out so they look fuller ; in the photo with makeup, she’s smiling so they appear thinner. Nose: The overall shape is the same (with the longer part in the middle that extends down). Most likely in the professional photo, makeup was used to contour her nose – a trick commonly used by MUAs (makeup artists) in the industry. Eyes: Again, the overall shape is the same. Her eyes appear smaller w/ makeup due to:
-The thick fake eyelashes (possibly multiple pairs - also a common trick in the industry); they are partially covering her eyes.
-The eyeliner used on the lower waterline of her eyes as well as the thick liner on her upper lash line.


she looks 12 years old no wonder she looks better !!!


she looks much much younger without all that makeup! Her skin looks so much better. Shes beautiful

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