Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men: Pull the Plug!

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Two and a Half Men is one of the top 10 most-watched shows on television.

But Charlie Sheen either doesn't know this or doesn't care, because he made his feelings on the sitcom well known during a press conference in Miami this week.

"I don’t think it should go on past this year," the actor said. "I just think that people are there because there’s nowhere else to go."

Charlie Sheen in Miami

Of course, Sheen plans to change that with his FX sitcom, Anger Management. Proving that he's not an entirely changed man, the star promised the series - which will start casting in March and premiere this summer - "will not disappoint," adding:

"It’s going to be an absolute f-ckin' rocket ship to the moon."

Sheen was quick to say "hats off" to Ashton Kutcher for doing all he can on
Two and a Half Men, instead laying the blame for its supposed demise on old pal Chuck Lorre.

"[Kutcher] and Jon [Cryer] and Angus [T. Jones] deserve better material," he said.

Whose version of Two and a Half Men do YOU prefer?


Not good at all! What I dont get is. They get a new guy into the show to play a character like Charlie. I think was the wrong move. You kill it you should leave it. Why Lorre didn't make the show real, like having Alan and Jake story, with Jake growing more like uncle Charlie. That would be hilarious. Kutcher is a nice actor, but brings ZERO to the show.


So tired of Walden, so dumb. Kutcher just playing the same old dumb guy he played in the 70's show, no chemistry, no laughs. Jon Cryer carries the show, where are Herb and Judith, Berta, Evelyn. Kutcher adds no susstance, humor. Thank god you cleaned him up, at least easier to look at. Could we now give him a brain and a personality. Think the run is over. You can never replace what Charlie and Cryer had.


And I will ONLY watch the episodes of two and a half men if Charlie is on the show. :)


Charlie Sheen is the SHIT! Love that guy! Who cares if hes bangin prostitutes and doing drugs in his personal life. Hes hilarious!


So people want to award crack head charlie sheen again. Oh that is so sick!


The show is terrible and Charlie is right. Ashton's entire character is a failure. An idiot. I actually hate him more than I love Jon Cryer! I used to TiVo it. No longer. Nobody watches anymore. Top 10? I don't believe it. Not for a second. I do believe that this will be the last year. It sux.


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