Celebrity Kids Wearing Makeup: Right or Wrong?

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Suri Cruise is by no means on auditioning for Toddlers & Tiaras.

Nevertheless, the famous 5-year-old TomKat kitten has raised eyebrows of late with her fashion choices (or more accurately Katie's), especially having been spotted in New York sporting crimson lipstick and a hot pink hat this week.

This begs the question: Do Hollywood kids grow up too fast?

Stylish Suri

Yes, this is Hollywood, where the rules are clearly different from the rest of the world, and we are not trying to single out Suri Cruise (normally a fab dresser) here.

She's far from the only star tot to don makeup, though, and you tend to see more of that sort of thing within celebrity culture than in the quote unquote real world.

Tarting up one's daughter during such tender years is not a crime or grave parenting error, it just seems a little unnecessary. Wouldn't you want to put that off?

Soon enough, they'll be acting and wanting to dress like adults. Why give them that push and hasten the end of whatever innocence they have left in life?

You tell us: Is it okay for celebrity kids to wear makeup?


Every young child wear's abit of make up but cmon on katie price just takes it over the top with her daughter princess. I think peter andre should get custody of them kids cause i fear they gona turn out like mum and they have so much in life ahead rather than turn into a fake blonde big brested slapper


every little girl loves lipstick, that being said toddlers and tiaras just takes it far, far too far.


when i was i used to love playing with my make up....... There's no wrong using a lil make up..... I think it's alright


seriously!? theres nothing wrong with a little girl wearing some makeup!!! my daughter is 4 and loves eye shadow, i even bought her a little make up kit for christmas and shes really happy. its different if i dressed her up like a hooker and paraded her around television like some people do... but i think girls wearing makeup is adorable. i know when i was really little i took my moms red lipstick and smeared it everywhere. its what kids do. get over it!


Something like a little lipstick once in a great while won't do any harm. Little girls love to play with make-up and dress-up and things, I did when I was little. That said it shouldn't be done casually or made a habit of. Too many women/girls can't leave without slathering on make-up and this is happening at younger and younger ages. It seems like Suri (at this point) would fall in the just for fun category, nothing wrong with that.


Ok u haters should shut up A-coz u clicked to view this story by yourself B-coz most of you brobablly don't have a kid her age so u dont understand that little girls demand stuff like that rich and poor it's only natural u don't even know them so wats the point of hating their daughter over that she's not your daughter so u have no say in wat she does


Nothing wrong with that. As least she is not being exploited like those little kids in Toddlers & Tiaras


I don't see the big deal, it is just lipstick. I will let my five year old wear a little mascara, she just likes to imitate momma. Little girls love to play with makeup and have their nails painted. I'm not saying I make her up so she looks like Lady Gaga, but a little lipstick never hurt anyone. I do have an issue with some of the clothes they have out in the girls department. My five year old does not need low rise jeans or padded bathing suit tops. Meanwhile there are adult sized feetie pajamas in the women's department in target. Wtf is happening here?


ow I cannot wait untill she is a teenager& WILD when she ia told no hope they are ready HAaa


It's time for all of us to get our Priorites straight. I have decided to put all this Economy, Gay Rights &Tax Rate hike on the Back Burner! When you have a Subject Matter like Makeup on spoiled ass kids we all need to put our wants and needs on the back burner at least until will get this back on track. It's a sacrifice but I'm diving in head 1st.

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