Beyonce Baby Name: Blue Ivy Carter, Not Ivy Blue!

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Gwyneth Paltrow saves the day.

Just one day after Beyonce gave birth, her famous BFF has clarified a major detail online, revealing the correct name of Bey's beautiful newborn daughter.

Some sources reported the name one way, while others flipped the little one's first and middle names. But thanks to Gwyneth's Tweet, we know ...

It's Blue Ivy Carter, not Ivy Blue Carter!

Jay and Bey

It's all semantics really. We liked the name Ivy Blue, but Blue Ivy also has a cool, different ring to it. More importantly, she has two very loving, protective parents.

Not to mention, she's already one of the most famous celebrity babies of all time. We can't wait until the photos are released in the tabloids ... which won't happen.


This is a couple that waited years to confirm they were even married. Wait, that didn't even take place. Public records proved it, not the couple. You get the idea!

Congrats again to Jay, Bey and baby Blue!



that's a beautiful name forget the hater's, it's just a name and it probaly means alot to beyonce ; i heard it's related to her favourite number (4) so yeah beautiful baby btw :) xox all the best


Blue ivy?such a name.


u guys have a cute babby i have one myself he is 11 moths old and i have a girl she is 8.


Why can't celebrities ever name their children something normal, like David or Amy? They whine, complain and say they just want to "blend in", yet they name their kids Blue or Beige or God. If I named /my/ child Blue Ivy, I would be laughed out of the country. But when celebrities do it, everyone thinks it's precious. Ridiculous.


Hi I live blue ivy coz iv met her and she's so sweet


it is not what they think b and j it is what u think congrats b and j not hate


That is very uncommon name but it doesn't make it stupid congratulations to the new parents enjoy parenthood because gods knows I do.may God bless you baby blue


I Love The Name:)


What is the meaning of the name anyways? It's different but I been told it has something to do with iluminati. That group if they do exist can't wait till god comes and put an end to all evil. But beyonce and jay z enjoy your bundle of joy. Just thought you could of found a better name.


I would live the name anyway because I'm a huge fan of beyonce and congratulations!!

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