Ashton Kutcher Reacts to Demi Moore Hospitalization with Silence, Random Tweet

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Let's be honest: Ashton Kutcher is likely very concerned about Demi Moore.

The actor may have a wondering pecker, but his heart is not made out of coal. Kutcher and Moore were married for six years, after all.

But in light of his ex's hospitalization this week, Ashton has remained silent. He's spent the week in Brazil, attending a fashion show on Sunday in Sao Paulo, and didn't give TMZ a comment last night when approached by a camera outside a nightclub.

Kutcher, Ashton

But Kutcher - or his management team, we suppose - did oddly update his Twitter account this morning, linking to a story about journalists and bloggers that use "drone" cameras and writing:

Citizen journalists take to the sky.

Responded a follower to Ashton's Tweet: Surprised this is where your focus is right now.


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Hi itz:) imani n when i heard about the shanelle scott situation wit the joe stutter video i belive that aston iz basically the one who said that he wanted demi in the first place n demi just wanted him cause he liked her n all anyhow on aston s part i heard him their when he said he wanted demi to be engaged to him sounds a bit iffy cause he wanted her dnt u think:( exspecially red though wit his music its anyhow she said she loves DR az well az penthouses n 22ktjade she says anyhow :O!!! so i ts aston:(?!


Hi anyhow its imani when i heard about what happened wit shenelle scott situation i said wow i saw the joe stutter video anyhow joe said he wanted shenelle scott and wanted to be engaged to her and of course for the portraot of it anyhow then she said i do and anyhow what is or demi should be so whoze hang over sounds like its aston:( dahh anyhow when i heard did he even take care of her needs wit the 22kt gold jade diamonds n his account with her in a penthouse in DR :) lol anyhow i think dat was gay:(!?!


Hi hey my name is imani and when i heard about the whole shenelle scott thing i said wow cause i worked wit kids and all anyhow for astons behalf i feel aZ though if he didnt want her hes the one dat said he wanted demi i heard anyways but anyhow what 22kt jade iz missn n does she live good through him wit the penthouses though lol anyhow anyways so!:O n anyhow does demi drink or smoke lol!:O but anyhow whoses stalked who aston was the one chasn demi anyways dah lol :O wit his 22gs he spend on dat laughs?!(


Wondering pecker??? The correct word would be "wandering". I didn't think peckers wondered about anything.... The word "wondering" and the word that should have been used, "wandering" are two completely different things, Hilton. I am amazed at the lack of proofreading even in the most mundane of stories.


Wondering pecker??? Wandering pecker.... I didn't think peckers wondered about anything....


Maybe she relapsed because he is a sociopath charmer with no empathy? You know, I doubt she is abusing substances, Demi much as I like her is much too vain. She is a scorpio control freak who has had a long career considering, why would she throw that away? Food is more likely the issue- ie lack of self-nurture. He just makes me wanna take a bath, eww.


I cant believe Demi looks like she does now. She was always a beautiful woman,wholesome. Great movies. I think the age difference is a factor also. She prob. has had a problem with eating(anorexia) & combine that with any drugs or alcohol an theres trouble! Get well soon Demi. We love u still!


Not defending either of them, but, Shes has substance abuse problems for years. Maybe that's why he left.


Yeah, her new teenaged boyfriend turned her on to something all the kids are doing. Message...Dont try to teach old dogs new tricks.


Why is Ashton a douche? Because he cheated on a woman who is too busy huffing Whip Cream cans to notice he isn't home? I say he is obviously the more level headed one and is better off without her.

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