Sara Leal to Friends: I F-cked Ashton Kutcher! LOL!

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Ashton Kutcher totally boned Sara Leal on the night of September 23, following a night of drinking, partying and naked hot tubbing. So claims a friend of Leal's, at least.

However, if you don't believe the words of Megan McNutt for some reason, Star Magazine has more evidence that this act took place inside the Hardrock Hotel in San Diego.

Proof of Infidelity?

The tabloid has published a photo of Sara Leal hanging out with friends on the evening in question, while also claiming that Sara sent a text message to her pals soon after the encounter, which read:

"I f***ed Ashton Kutcher Friday night, lol"

So there you have it, folks. This affair clearly went down. The only question now remains: What will Demi Moore do about it? Are we really looking at a $290 million divorce?


When Ashton supposeedly did this a few months back I was skeptical because you can't always believe what you read. Just cause it's written doesnt make it true so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. THIS time not so much, because it happened again it makes one think hmmm, maybe there was something to that.... For me more than hurting ones own wife is the fact that he is bankging girls young enough (or younger) to be his stepdaughters. FOR ME, that's all Demi needs to see and MOVE the F*** ON!! While it is awful and shitty to hurt someone you claim to love but to do so with girls as young as her own daughters is the dagger in Demi's back. NO excuse, time for her to move on, she can do better OR is better off alone!!!


he may well be a sociopath...they love the 'married' thing but ultimately don't care about anyone, so she may well be really extremely hurt by this- if it's true. Oh, and they are charming to boot- but he does nothing for me, seems like the next Mr Sheen- Ewwwww.

Megan houston

FYI people... Unless she had Ashton when she was 15 yrs. old, she's not old enough to be his Mom! He's 33 and she's only 48 years old. There are celebrity couples with a bigger age difference! Still he's a cheater and either they get counseling or they divorce!


Who cares???? Really, Demi should've expected this would happen, because he started dating her when he was barely legal...She's old enough to be his mother, so she needs to chalk it up as okay I had fun playing with the kids, now I'm going to be a woman, and move on...she's beautiful, but he deserves to be with someone his own age,so he can have a family of his own...


I don't blame Demi if she leaves the underwear model because she got tired of changing his diapers.Demi should take diaperboy Kutchner and drop him off back at the daycare so he can play with little girls his own age.Demi should take a good look in the mirror and go back to Bruce.Those wrinkles aren't there for nothing.


demi and bruce should have stayed together....i loved them as a couple.


I would say this to & about any woman who knowingly sleeps with a married man- IT IS STILL HIS FAULT. He's the one in the committed relationship (same applies to married women who cheat). All too often we gang up against the women but know what- she owes Demi "nothing". Leal's disrespectful at best and if it were my husband- she'd get a good ear-bashing (british slang for verbal) BUT MY HUSBAND would get a vengeful divorce; then I would donate his hard earned cash to a cat sanctuary (he hates cats lol). I work hard and can make my own living thanks.
Demi should be left to do what 's best for her then move on from it in her own time. Mimi


Ashton Kutcher With Sara Leal Party Night New Photos leaked by Star Magazine:


Watch Star Magazine Leaked Ashton Kutcher Sara Leal Part Night Pictures and Sara Leal Friends Interview Videos


He did or didn't bone this Sara Lee girl. Here's the problem. We don't know the details. Was Demi cheating with some guy? Did Ashton find out 2 years ago? Did Demi drive Ashton bonkers with control issues like Nicole Kidman apparently does with Keith Urban? I am NOT defending Ashton. Affairs are wrong. However, we don't know all the details, do we?

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