Alex McCord Slams Real Housewives of New York as "Faux Reality"

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Alex McCord is no longer a part of the Bravo family, and we all what that means: time to bash the show that made her famous!

The New York Post has printed excerpts from an email Alex allegedly sent to friends in which she goes off The Real Housewives of New York City.

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“While we were sad to lose the dollars... we weren’t sad to be off that particular show,” the email reads. “Now that we are free-and-clear of our Bravo contracts, we have been meeting with... just about every cable network as well as a couple of the main networks.”

The McCords are considering a new series titled "Based in Brooklyn" that would center on 30-something parents in that borough.

And they want to assure friends it won't be akin to any Real Housewives, writing: "We would never expose ourselves to another faux reality show."

Ooohh, slam!


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I agree with Brooklyn Born comments. Poor poor Alex she "gets No respect" and than breaks out in hives...tee hee!


I had to check in see what those two nut jobs were up to. Oh don't be flattered! Thank god they were fired, what a waste of film, they were boring and full of themselves. That house was ugly and so was the neighborhood, but they traveled to St Barts for their one little week vacation. I must say that their boys are beautiful how they came from those two is a miracle.


Go alex!!! No need to continue with that BS the good thing is no more Luann!!!(: hope you'll get your own show (-:


Haha, every cable network? More likely, they are the ones going from network to network beggin for a scrap like the strays they are. They are devestated and throwing a fit now by talking shit. Be grateful they (bravo) let you on a show you clearly didnt belong. Such wannabes. Now she is tryin to promote brooklyn. You dont belong there either. What, textiles not cutting it either? They would and will try any desperate measure to stay relevant. Pathetic.


NO! Really?? seriously?? I'm devastated!!!


Why these two faux-New Yorkers should represent Brooklyn is beyond me. No real New Yorker would think of them as other than wannabes, that try much much too hard.


What network is going to put up with Simon's egocentric behavior. Neither of them has camera presence. Search for a new fleabag night manager's job Simon.


Alex who?


Yes, when they associated themselves with the slug, they blew it. Especially Simon, negotiating with Jill to have the hate site taken down, speaking on the slugs podcasts, etc., Ha Ha


They are wannabes who showed their true character when they associated with that slug from Chicago.

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