Will Britney Spears Have Another Baby?

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That didn't take long.

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick got engaged this month, for real, after over a year of rumors that they would do so. Everybody is really happy for them (maybe not Jason Alexander, but everyone else it feels like).

That said, some celebrity gossip publications have already moved onto the next round of rumors: When will they have a baby together!?

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick Cover

The two have not set a date yet that we know of, and don't appear to be in a rush with things, which is probably smart. The same likely applies to having children.

Britney already has two sons, Sean Preston (6) and Jayden James (5), with her former spouse K-Fed. That may be enough to handle for herself and Jason Trawick.

One thing we hope is that with her tour finally over with, she takes the time to relax and enjoy her engagement. Family first - whether it's a growing one or not.

What do you think? Will she have another baby? Should she?

UPDATE, 5/15/13: The engagement to Jason is off, as you probably know, but Britney wants another baby still - and if she had to pick, it'd be a girl!


I love her. I wish people would just let her be. We live in a society where no one is perfect and people that comment on her are not perfect either . The press needs to back off and let her live her life. And no and I mean no one needs to fucking judge her. You or I have never walked in her shoes so be it said. Let the lady live her life now.


Who cares?


None of any of our business whether she should have another baby. Completely up to her and her partner - the media needs to stay the heck out of it!


Why? Most of these children are more like their pets than children. And everyone wonders why so many women just keep having babies-because their favorite "stars" are having babies like brood mares.

@ Deborah

True, true true Deborah. If they had to raise them, really be parents to them, they would not be popping them out like rabbits. It is just another press opportunity - Ooooh, look at Britney's baby bump? What is she wearing? What does her sonogram look like? Is it a boy or a girl. God, get a life people.


I want to know we are so upset that she want another baby, she can afford one. But no one is talking about the other 500 millon who are having a second or 3rd and so forth that they get goverment assist with or should I say my money and yours that have jobs thats what should the news not this shit


some said happy she turn her life around she a puppet she told what to do when to do all music and tv all related to the devil if you do not know THEN YOU NEED OPENED YOUR EYES


@Mommy of 2.....I hear you on the girl. My friend has 6 children, guess which one is the girl? Not everyone feels incomplete without a girl. Now as far as Britney, she needs to concentrate on getting her father to give her back the reins. She did have the breakdown, but has since recovered to act like an adult. Once she has that in place, she could have more children. She is young and has plenty of time to make that decision.


Shallow nuch Bizzareo? Who says she'd want a girl??? I have 2 boys and I did not want a girl, I still don't. And she looks great. She doesn't have as much energy because kids are tiring. You don't sleep at much, play with them and dedicate all your free time to them. She most likely made the choice to prioritize her energy towards her boys.
Never commented before but you touched a soft spot. You must not have kids!


I think she should have one more baby and hopefully it's a girl. So then she gets what she wants because I think she deserves her little girl. But after that no more kids because her body can barley handle the ones that she has got. She doesn't have as much energy as she used to and I don't know what another baby will do to her because of it!

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