Tameka Raymond to Usher: No Kids For You!

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The ex-wife of Usher is determined to make this anything but a happy holiday season for the ab-tastic artist.

Tameka Raymond - who split from the singer in June 2009 - has filed documents in a Georgia court that ask the judge to strip Usher of physical custody of the former couple's two children. On what grounds?

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Based on legal papers obtained by TMZ, some that are possibly understandable... and others that are downright ridiculous. Tameka alleges:

  • That Usher is obligated to get her approval prior to hiring nannies, but has failed to do so.
  • That Usher must give her the option of watching the children when he's away for more than eight hours, but has not always done so.
  • That Usher reneged on giving his ex custody of the kids for two weeks this past summer and during Christmas 2010.
  • That Usher has failed to obtain permission for Tameka to travel outside the state with her children, as previously promised.
  • That - we are not making this up - Usher canceled her Saks 5th Avenue credit card.

Overall, Tameka claims she is owed $34,000 in child support - and she's asking for even more per month going forward, due to a "substantial change in [Usher's] income." In other words: Usher has become even more of a success since he divorced his wife, and now she wants to reap the benefits of his hard work.

Even the Occupy Wall Street protestors would take exception to that argument.

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I bet he thought he was rid of her, she's after money, she should be a shamed of herself, skank, may the Lord be with you Usher and those two boys, just learn the lesson and make better choices about who you allow in your life, you're a good guy and we support you!


hi usher
what coco
i love your songs


I can't stand people who use kids as a pawn for their mistakes!!! Stop seeing kids as dollar symbols!! They are precious a gift from above and they never asked to be here! As for usher and Tamika foster! You both are parents! With an obligation to those boys! So love them and be there to nurture and make them honorable men! At the end of the day all the money in the world cannot replace them and money can' t buy love! Make it easy to settle things out if court and to respect eachother! No matter what love will always be there for eachother! And when there's fights the kids pay! Hod bless from sunny side fl


Tameka needs to sit down somewhere. It seems to me that the kids are always with him. so why do he have to pay here so much money. As for the Sak's Card. That was a gift, he still have to pay for whatever she spends. Come on stop being greedy.


Couldn't the woman rty and blackmail him secretly - going to court with her stupid allegations!! I hope the judge sees just what a bitch she really is!


I'm not going to say she's an angel and I'm sure she has dollar signs in her eyes, but she does have legitimate complaints. "That Usher must give her the option of watching the children when he's away for more than eight hours, but has not always done so." That's called First Right of Refusal and most people have that as part of their custody agreements. Getting consent from the other parent before hiring a nanny is also a pretty common provision in custody agreements. Taking a child out of state or out of the country without permission from the other parent is considered kidnapping in California. The Sak's card complaint is bizarre, but maybe that was part of the alimony agreement. We don't know. The bottom line is- custody agreements are legal contracts. If one party reneges on the terms then the other party has every right to take them to court. Whether or not she's a goldigging b*tch or he's a d0uchebag is irrelevant (although I'd say both).


@ joop. Wow for someone who doesn't judge you sure did judge Usher. I mean who the hell are you to say that Usher should give her support. What are you one of those women like Tameka who divorced her husband and is still eating of him. What a low life!!!
I mean seriously Usher doesn't need to pay her a dime but you sure do need to go to school to relearn the meaning of judge!!!!!!


both of them knows exactly the truth. people have started calling tameka a gold digger bcos she is asking for 34,000 dollar, meanwhile Usher is a milloniar and he can give that money to a girl just for sex. tameka is taking care of thier kids, he should encourage her by giving any surport he can. i dont judge anyone


Usher's mom was right...


I just stay out of it. I do like Usher. I did like his ex wife as well but I know that everything is not "peaches and cream".

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