SNL Tim Tebow-Jesus Skit Slammed By Christian Leaders

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Saturday Night Live's sketch about Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow - and a snarky Jesus Christ (Jason Sudeikis) - has not been well received by Christian leaders.

In the skit, the Messiah Himself appeared, telling Tebow (Taran Killam) to "take it down a notch" with his religious zealotry ... you know, since He does all the work.

The clip has become an Internet sensation (not unlike, say, Tebowing). It’s also drawn fire from religious commentators, who think it indicates bias against Christians.

Televangelist Pat Robertson in particular called the Saturday Night Live Tim Tebow skit part of a rising tide of “anti-Christian bigotry that is just disgusting.”

He said, “If this had been a Muslim country and they had done that, and had Muhammad doing that stuff, you would have found bodies on the street.”

Possibly a little extreme, but point taken. Robertson said of Tebow, “This man has been placed in a unique position, and I applaud him. God bless him.”

Your thoughts on the Tebow-Jesus sketch?


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why are people bringing up dead bodies on the street and making such a big deal about this skit, this is America, get over it or get out


I regularly attend my christian church and, in fact, my son is an ordained Christian minister and also a rabid Broncho fan. I belive that said Rev. Son would agree with me that the skit is uber funny and Pat Robertson needs to take a deep breath. This other old fool I ski with frequently is a serious, serious Roman Catholic whose brother is a priest. He agrees with me about this.


Everyone needs to lighten up! It was funny! To me, the skit wasn't making fun of Christianity itself, but of a showboating athlete who follows a fundamentalist sect within Protestant Christianity. The Bible itself warns of proselytizers (exactly like Pat Robertson). Much of what Pat Robertson says and does is offensive to those of us who try to live how we believe Jesus would have wanted us to. This SNL skit was funny & timely really shouldn't offend.


As an Evangelical Christian-bred latent Agnostic, I see why Christians would be at least a little stung by this sketch. It points to how chauvinistic, clannish and thus, how frivolous, Christianity is becoming--at least in practice. It's one thing for someone to be truly pious and faithful in one's religion but I find that over-the-top displays of faith tend to have less to do with God and more to do with pandering to other believers, namely, I dunno, folks who root for the Denver Broncos, watch NASCAR or folks who frequent Tyler Perry flicks. Nothing wrong with that by any means but bowing down to Christ after winning a ball game seems disingenuous to the uninitiated or the unbelieving. I'm not suggesting that Tebow or other Christians shouldn't shout out Jesus Christ or show their faith. But they should at least be prepared for some harmless ribbing and, if they're truly confident in their faith, they shouldn't be so easily ruffled when SNL takes shots at them.


NBC- with it's Useless Liberal Ass Slaps! This Media attack is trying Desperatly to get all Christians to be 2nd class Citizens- The Media! Finally with a Workd Full of Useless Sports Figures with have one who is worth his Salt! Society won't rest until it destroys him! Anyone but Obama- 2012


This skit seems to be a pretty good example of what non-Christians think of Christians. SNL loves to exaggerate personality quirks and identities. They do it with every celebrity. I don't think they meant to be offensive. Nobody thinks Tebow is in the NFL without any work ethic. What's misunderstood is that there is so much more to Christianity than praying and bible reading and preaching. This skit makes it seem like that's all it is.


The Bible is being fulfilled....When the Lord returns there will be no time for you non-believers to make fun of Tim Tebow and Pat Robertson....Y'all will be too busy trying to talk your way out of HELL.


I take of my hat to Pat Robertson. I agree with you. The skit was bloody offensive. The only reason there's no bodies on the street is because we christians are more civilized. Now days people take God and religion very easy. Christianity isn't a religion but its reality!!! And if retarded people keep pulling of stupid skits than man I wonder where the hell they were when God was giving brains!!!!!!


Pat Robertson has done more to make Christians look like overzealous whackos than SNL ever could.


I am a Christian, and I thought the skit was amusing. There is nothing anti-Christian or bashing about it. There isn't an "anti-God" theme at all, but a style that there is a God, and Jesus is the Son of God. In the Bible, and the skit, there is the message of you need to help yourself. Jesus preached to pray privately, and not to publicly beat your chest. If you pray for others to respect you, then you get the accolades and nothing from God. That message is in this skit as well. Please, Mr. Robertson, what is offensive?