Simon Cowell Rejects Marcus Canty as Viable X Factor Contender

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With Rachel Crow fans still still buzzing over Nicole Scherzinger's decision to send the most recent elimination episode to a deadlock, resulting in the ousting of this cute contestant, Simon Cowell has now taken it upon himself to anger Marcus Canty supporters.

Speaking to reporters this week, the judge scarcely even acknowledged the singer as an X Factor contender, despite his presence in the final four, saying:

"I think it's quite clear that it's down to three people now. And it's Melanie, Josh and Chris."

The X Factor Final 4

Canty, of course, has been stuck in the bottom two for three consecutive Thursdays, but he remains hopeful that he can pull an upset.

"For me to think for one second in my mind that I don't deserve to be here will be killing myself," he says. "This is my dream too. No matter what people think, I'm up here. This is my dream. And that's why I keep fighting to make it to the top."

That certainly is the right attitude. Who do you think will win The X Factor?


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love all of them especially chris, melanie and josh. its one hell of a hard decision


Melanie should win, not because of her story, not because she is most marketable... but because she can sing just about any song they give to her and she makes it look EASY. She is a wonderful vocalist and deserves to be a legend. I honestly don't know how Chris Rene got so far in this competition, he is a better writer than performer... this is a PERFORMANCE based show. Josh is amazing. And if Melanie does win, and he doesn't, he will get signed.. there's no doubt about that. Canty is a great performer but he's not the best.


I believe Marcus Canty should win he has worked the hardest. How can Simon treat him so blind has he is not part of the 4 of them. That is so ulgy. We the people should all hope we can teach Simon a lesson. He can't dismiss no one till we the voter's gets our votes in.


if chris wins all his money will go to drugs. its an addiction. too much temptation. yes melanie is boring but the best singer. if she won, it would be horrible that her mother, who dumped her as a kid, would now profit from melanie's new-found wealth. i cant stand gutter trash who kiss up when they see a pay-out, and i believe that will be the case with melanie's mother.




Of course its chris rene!melanie is so boring. . .krajcik comes 2nd.canty,you're hopeless.




Just love him


Melanie may have the best voice but she is SUPER boring. Every week it's a ballad. Chris Rene is the most talented, his lyrics are unique & original.


melanie will win because it makes the best story and she is the most marketable. none of the others are even an option. this show sucks.