Robert Pattinson Gushes Over "Sexy Goddess" Kristen Stewart

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It's difficult to get Robert Pattinson to talk about Kristen Stewart in detail, even though the actress finally came out and admitted the two were dating earlier this year.

But get Pattinson out of the country, apparently, and all hesitance goes away. Just read what he told Brazilian magazine Capricho in a recent interview.

Robert Pattinson Capricho Cover
Edward and Bella Wedding Day Pic

"She's ambitious," Rob said of his costar on screen and in real life. "I like that obsessive determination she has to be herself. She's amazing. She takes the things she says too seriously, kind of like the opposite of me."

And how did Pattinson think Stewart looked in her Breaking Dawn wedding dress?

Like "a sexy goddess. She looked amazing."

AWWWW, no wonder these two just got married! (NOT!)


Love,so complicated.!! :-)


They are just a wonderful couple. I havent watched the movie. but i like them both. i think they are made for each other


;(hey rob i think u r undrestimtng other girls beauty by saying her'sexy goddess' not fare.....:>


Amo o robert pattinson
a kristen é muito sortuda!


i love this movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaan black

that stare can get you pregnant lol


Love them, I have a collection of the twilight saga movies, love the cast!


Just love Rob


I lov u together
I lov u ROBERT PATTINSON ,Ashley Franks


i love this movie so much

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