Rihanna Performs on CBS' Grammy Nomination Special

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Rihanna's "We Found Love" is burning up the charts, so it made sense that she performed during the announcement of the 2012 Grammy nominations on CBS.

Her performance was beamed in from a London's O2 arena, where she showed no signs of fatigue despite reports that she's burned out and may take a year off.

"#GRAMMYS2012 5 nominations!!!" Rihanna Tweeted excitedly. "This year keeps getting better and better!#LOUD up 4 Album of the year is so #MAJAH."

In addition to Album of the Year, the 25-year-old Barbadian beauty is nominated for Best Rap collaboration, Best Pop Vocal Album and Song of the Year.

Watch her performance on last night's broadcast below:

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@Derick i agree with you boo, rihanna have did interviews when she talk about being tied up and beat while having sex. Also in the new video call we found love, did you see this girl had the wanna be chris brown look a like and the drugs? That was pure crazy! Now im starting to wonder why she want to take a break. I been saying this from the start, rihanna need help.


@johm and bianca: Im not hating rihanna or anybody. If you truly like rihanna, then u will care about her. Have u seen her in interviews??? Most of the time she is half drugged.It was wrong that Chris brown hit her few years back, but in many of her songs she sings about sadistic sex and in one interview she said that she likes sadism as it "turns her on". How can u think that i would judge some one cos she come s from Barbados. And yeh, beyonce, lady gaga and madonna really dress and behave trashy. Im also puzzled as to how they get away with it...well maybe if you have money, fame and talent, you can get away with any sin. Its true money is definitly the road to all evil.


First of all, im pretty sure aint nobody hating on Rihanna. Yes she is making some what of hits but to me, rihanna career boost up a little more just because of what happen between her and chris brown 3 damn yrs ago. Me and maybe other people think's that rihanna is not the best singer and hell yeah, she lip sing just about ever performance. The only thing that rihanna can offer is taking her clothes off and touching her kitty kat. People just felt sorry for her and they still do cause, rihanna have change with the hard core trying to be good girl gone bad crazy $hit. She have not been the same since the fight on that following night. Trust me, nobody did not ever knew who she really was. It is sad that you can tell that a person is going threw something and that person cant see their own problem and that's how i feel about rihanna. The girl need help and if her fan's think that $hit is cute what she doing, they might need to go visit a doctor.


When beyonce, Madonna, pink and lady gaga dress like and behave like whores in their videos and lip sync...its ok BUTTT ya'll on rihanna's case. Its only because a girl from the islands is kicking these american asses in the cahrts ya'll can't take it.


Rihana is amazing. Screw all you haters.


Rihanna behaves like a prostitute. God has given her a beautiful voice but her dressing and behaviour does not give justice to her God given talent.


I dont call moving your mouth to a song playing performing! She's such a fake..