Rachel Crow Sings, Asks: Can You Feel It?

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She's adorable and she's mature far beyond her years, but Rachel Crow may be saying farewell to The X Factor after tonight's results show.

The young singer did her best to cover Michael Jackson's "Can You Feel It" last night, but she simply lacked the vocal range to really make an impression with the song, leading the tempered praise from the panelists.

"I adore you, but the song didn’t give you justice," Paula Abdul said, while LA Reid added: "I didn’t believe you were having a great time."

Will this rendition cost Crow a shot at the title? Judge it for yourself:

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She is the best hopehe wins.


Hey rachel, we here in Ja. are rooting for you all the way kid, we think you are phenominal and will do just great reviving some of those old jazz & bluse + sould music. My family and I do not miss one episode of this show and I was sooooooo glad when u were the third one to go through last week, thumbs up to you kid, we love you sooooooooo much, your voice gives me goose bumps, you are do fresh and you have such a clean spirit and such a loving heart, I know for a fact that your mom and dad don't regret adopting you. I know you'll make us all proud, world over, love you.


I looooooveee rachel, she is so mature for her age and she is a excellent singer, simon knows he should'nt have given her that song. he gave drew the sone he did because he knew she would be out anyways. i beleive his choise is melanie,and I think she's great too, but rachel have so much more to give us and melanie, well I honestly don't think she will last. Now rachel, that kid's got soul and stage presence and she just have the X-FACTOR all over her. Rachel don't all ow simon to choose anymore of ur songs babe, u did great with 'I'd rather go blind', we never saw that coming YOU ARE THE TRUTH AND YOU DESERVE THE 5 MILL.


I love Rachel, since I mistaking changed the channel and caught her audition quite by accident, I was hooked, I would never watch this show except to see this 13 year old talent and her adoring family. They are so supportive of her. Simon should be ashamed of himself, his rudeness and unkindness toward his judges is not a good example for any age! Best of luck Rachel.

Maryanne gaeta

I totally love Rachel Crow...This little girl has more talent than anyone in this competition except Melanie Amaro....She is sooo bright and loving.....If she doesn't win this competition, she certainly will be a huge star one day...Unlike Astro, and Drew she has what it takes....THAT STAR QUALITY AND WITHOUT A DOUBT THE X-FACTOR.....LOVE LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL...SHE'S SENSATIONAL............


Rachel made! WooHoo! Stupid Asstro is gone and Drew's reaction to her elimination was just weird. But either way, I don't even care because Rachel is safe and thats all that really matters! Go Rachel!


And one more thing. Notice that Rachel was the only performer last night who got the full attention of Michael's children. Paris was really grooving to it, and Blanket stopped playing with his toy. All three applauded her as well. I didn't see that when the cameras went to them during other performances. So, poor song choice or not hers was the best performance of the evening.


Let me put it this way if Rachel leaves, I stop watching. Not going to put up with the judges voting her out when it's her mentor's fault for selecting such a poor song for her. God bless her heart she did amazingly well with it, and that's due to her fantastic voice and stage presence, but if viewers can't see what a great talent she has, and how the music industry would benefit from having her as a recording artist, and that she's earned the title of The X-Factor's first winner....then they deserve to spend their hard earned dollars on boring voices like those who would be left in the competition. I spent two solid hours of voting solely for her last night, and will continue to do that each week that she's there. She has a solid supporter here.


BTW, I voted for Rachel until the weeee hours of the night. I hope my little grain of salt helps :)


I seriously hope Rachel DOES NOT go home today. She was cheated by Simon by that song he chose. That is not even a good song for anyone to sing! Rachel should not pay the ultimate price for a stupid song choice! She could have done so many wonders with some of Michael Jackson's other songs! Stupid Simon! I thought you love Rachel! Why would you do that to her???

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