Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton Really Need to Hook Up This Weekend

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Pippa Middleton will be joining the British Royal Family for the holidays. You know what that means ... let the rumors of her hooking up with Prince Harry begin!

For the first time in their lives, Pippa and Kate Middleton will be spending Christmas away from their parents. For newly-married Kate, that was almost a given.

Pippa was invited to spend the holidays with the royals not because she's a major cutie (even though she is) but so her sister could also have family around.

Prince Harry will also be present, of course, so ...

Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton Photo

On the day after Christmas, Boxing Day, Pippa and Kate will join William, Harry and the rest of the royals for the family's annual pheasant shoot in the country.

This is a pretty big deal as, traditionally, this is reserved only for members of the royal family and their significant others. But this is one gorgeous exception.

Pippa's presence is via the urging of William, who wants to make Kate's first holiday with her in-laws more comfortable. Not that Prince Harry's complaining.

Yes, we know nothing's going on with the two, but they're both single now, and she's going to be seeing the younger prince in hunting attire. Game over.

Those two are definitely going to hook up. Or at least they should. Right?


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They should marry they are perfect match.


how the hell are they BROTHER/SISTER in law?! also, that is idiotic, it's not like theyre blood related, so a potential hookup wouldnt be "incestuous" as your idiotic comment implies.


They should marry. Both have the less retricted life of Will and Kate, but would be good support for Will/Kate and themselves. And Pray God nothing happens to Wiliam: he is not in the safest of professions.


Let them marry each other


The should marry is their luck


Ummm. They are brother/sister now (in-law, but still). So, no.

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