New Obama Family Portrait: Released!

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President Barack Obama may be dealing with a stagnant economy, gridlock in Congress and reelection prospects that look increasingly tenuous, but you wouldn't know it here.

At home with his wife and daughters, he couldn't be happier.

The White House is has released a new family photo. Since Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10, have grown so much since the last Obama family portrait, it was time for an update.

Posted on the White House Flickr account moments ago, the photo shows the President, First Lady Michelle Obama and their daughters sitting in the Oval Office, smiling:

Obama Family Portrait 2011

Political views aside, that's a nice-looking First Family!

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Beautiful great president


Yeah/ We need unemployement to climb to 30%
Yeah-- We need to support the "Have nots"
Yeah- we need more Small Buisness's to close!
Yeah-We need to watch the Roaches take to the Streets in Iraq.
Yeah-Whites need to continue to wake up each day and prove they are not Racist because the one Consistent in Life if you DON'T like Obama you MUST be Racist.
Yeah- we really need to pay $5 at the pump!
Yeah-We really need Crime to Climb as It has done since Obama has been in Office.
Yeah-We do need the Goverment to take our Money because most of you didn't earn it and or to Stupid to know what to do with it! Yeah- We are not Miserable enough- Obama has not played enough Golf-We Still need to Blame Bush some more. Yeah-This Useless excuse for a President needs 4 more to prove he can do something he has yet to do! Lead!


I love this photo we need more displays of love in families across America.I think President Obama needs another term.I don't think we can handle of change in political policies yet


The one Consistent in Life- Anytime you disagree with a Black Person they scream Racism! What a One Sided Affair that is! Anytime they can they will play that Race Card! You want Change! Obama will give you just that! Pennies- Nickles- Dimes! What a Joke he has been! The picture- What's so great about it! This political Correctness is suffocating this Country! The one who cries Racism is usually the most Racist in the Room! It's a Fact- Lynelle!


Yes- It's True- There is so much RACISM! Race Crime is at 90%- Black on White Crime! Plus- This Country is under the impression that Blacks against Whites Crime cannot be a Race Crime only if it's the other way! See- Knoxville 2007! Blacks will vote for Obama only because he is BLACK and way to many Whites will vote for him out of Stupidity and Guilt! Obama's only game Plan is to Tax one Side " White" and give to the have nots! That's it- That's all he has! Me? I didn't work and save all my Life so I could have the same as everybody else! To many Useless people are looking for a Free Ride- Obama is at the Wheel! There is NO cure for Stupid and I ain't joining into that Obama plan


What a good looking family. This is the best president we have had in a while. He is doing a great job even with all the racism he is facing! Hope to have him for another four years!!!!!


Get over it Stephanie- He is a useless President! Let's all hope there will be another Family in the white House- in a year!


To abc: if you can't say anything nice then don't say
Anything at all didn't yur mother teach you that
It is a nice pic regardless what you think .




Beautiful simply beautiful

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