NBA Fans to Kris Humphries: BOOOOO!

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Over the past decade, the New York Knicks have given their fans plenty of reason to boo. Eddy Curry, anyone?

But the crowd at Madison Square Garden reserved its venom last night for an opposing player, as Kris Humphries took to an NBA court for the first time since his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Listen to the extended, loud reaction now:

It doesn't sound like anything will get better for Humphries, either, as half the respondents in a new Nielsen poll voted the power forward the Most Hated Player in the league. He beat out LeBron James by two percent.

See, that's what happens when you take your talents to E!.

Fans booing Kris Humphris: Fair or foul?


Kris he have too learn,U CAN NOT MAKE A HOE OUT OF A WIFE......




fucking idiots!
Kris humphries is awesome!


lanam: Are you retarded?
Plus I agree with Pat Anderson Grant. If all you people realise Kim K is trash, then what was he blind? He made his bed and he should now lie in it. lol....Naive it seeems..


Listen...if you want to talk about decay in America...then watch prime channels....criminals, killins, fake shows with violence, sexualy explosive material...this is going on for i dont even know how many dozens of years. At leat Kardashians are a real family reflecting every-day life that does not include stealing, beating, killing, abuse, violence and fictional imagination of some writers.
If America is it is not from Kardashian chnnels feed us garbage knowingly and Americans are taking is for reality. America alwaay was 'stupidised' by tevevision
fictional programming....quit beating on KArdashians. They are intertainable for sure...and fun to watch


Just goes to show you the mentality of basketball fans...He gets taken in by these "wanna be somebody's" and gets booed... Kobe has an affair, gets caught and gets cheered....hmmmm Hey Kris H.... 2 things ... next time "shoot" Kim and you'd probably be a hero.. and also never marry someone whose mom has the same name as you .. that probably means something way deep in Kims psyche.....


The success of the Kardashian show/(it's like Jerry Springer with the same guests every week) demoentrates the social decay of America. Lying, cheating, getting out of jail free, are traits she was taught by her Dad (her real Dad helped get OJ Simpson acquitted, not Bruce Jenner). Their dysfunctional family also makes other dysfunctional people feel better about their lives. Sorry you got involved Kris, but maybe you are being booed for being so naive.


Hi Kris,
I am shocked that you were booed last night...why, for marrying a cheap lying trouble maker...I am very sorry for all that you have been come from a wonderful family and have been raised properly. I am relieved for you that you are getting the marriage annulled. Your fans are out of line and you deserve a great apology. Your nasty bride should be pulled off of the headlines and magazines...she is discusting. I have been wanting to write you for a long time to keep your chin up and don't look back. You are very handsome and gifted, focus on your basketball and do your best at ignoring the ugly people who have no class.
I wish you the best, Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year.


What's that they say......"you lay down with dogs, you're gonna get fleas". It's too late for the flea and tick collar now.


His wife should be getting all the boos not him! - ALVIN PHEE

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