Teen Mom Shockers: Who's Losing Her Baby? Who's Ruined By Stardom? Who's Getting Engaged?!

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The cast of Teen Mom 2 is in turmoil these days.

Which adorable tyke featured on the MTV show might be forced to grow up without the love of their parents? Which star is considering getting remarried already?

OK! has the full rundown in its new cover story.

Teen Mom Shockers

Eight months after her divorce from Corey Simms, Leah Messer is talking engagement with Jeremy Calvert, the boyfriend who lives with her and her twin daughters.

Ali and Aleeah have been a major focal point of Season 2 of Teen Mom 2, but we already know that Leah and Corey split up, and the 19-year-old is happier for it.

Corey is not happy with this new arrangement, however. “I’d die for my girls,” Corey told a pal. “Jeremy is not there to replace me. No one will keep me from them.”

As viewers of this week's Teen Mom 2 saw, Corey and Leah’s love for the girls is strong, but their marriage unraveled very quickly and with a lot of hard feelings.

Now Leah is intent on Jeremy becoming a father to the girls.

“Leah is going full steam ahead, she loves that Jeremy is acting like a father to the girls,” says the insider. “She is more than fine with him taking [Corey Simms'] place. She doesn’t see anything wrong with it and is happy to be moving on.”

Meanwhile ...

  • Chelsea Houska has remained devoted to her baby daddy Adam Lind, but his latest eff-up may be one more reason for her to cut him out of baby Aubree’s life forever. “He also seems to have a drinking problem,” says the insider.
  • On a related note, despite Jenelle Evans’ vows to stay sober after completing rehab in California last June, insiders say she’s not sober and she’s no closer to reclaiming custody of her son, Jace, from her mother, Barbara.
  • Sources say "stardom totally ruined Jenelle" and that "very little has changed ... her relationship with her mother is terrible. She has almost no real relationship with her son. She’s not a bad person, but she’s acting like an idiot.”
  • Kailyn Lowry fears that one day she’ll be unable to pay her rent, and will lose her home and her baby, Isaac. “Kailyn never knows one day to the next if she and Isaac will even have a roof over their heads,” says an insider.
  • On the original Teen Mom front, Amber Portwood was jailed for violating the terms of her probation. She may be there all the way until mid-January.
  • Court papers cite her getting fight at an IHop in November, failure to pay fines, not completing anger management classes and other infractions, topped off by her inability to produce a prescription for medication found on her this week.

Crazy girls. Crazy times.

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