Megan Dills, Playboy Model, Forced to Postpone Shoot After College Basketball Game Trampling

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Pity Playboy model Megan Dills. Not only did her beloved Kentucky Wildcats basketball squad lose last weekend, she was injured by Indiana fans storming the court.

She is set to miss her next photo shoot after being caught up in the melee that followed the Hoosiers' buzzer-beating, 73-72 upset of top-ranked UK.

"All those fans came out of their seats and rushed the floor like idiots," Dills, a die-hard Wildcat fan, told Kentucky sports blog VaughtsViews (dot) com.

"Next thing I knew, I was knocked down 5-6 steps ... I was scared to death."

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Dills, who first posed for Playboy's "Girls of the SEC" spread in 2007, said she suffered a swollen ankle and torn tendons after the post-game fracas.

She is listed as doubtful for her upcoming Playboy shoot this Saturday.

"I just can't do the shoot with my ankle like it is," Dills said, adding "But that's okay because I do a lot of them." That's good to hear. Keep the chin up.

"What happened up there would never happen at Kentucky," she adds, getting in a nice dig at IU. "They were so distasteful and not very sportsmanlike."

"You would have thought that they won the national championship then."

Hardly. Indiana leaped to #18 nationally with the win, while UK is still #3.


yeah, they have higher expectations for their boys-like making it in school for ONE year-at IU, they actually aspire to graduate- that's four years, Megan-you wanna compare expectations? You are the exception to the mostly courteous Ky fans I encountered at the game

@ Bob

LOL! Loser...


This makes me so mad. I know Megan from pageants. The year she was in Girls of the SEC, maybe 5 or 6 years ago, she freaked out over the criticism online that she was the flattest girl in the magazine. Then she freaked out that she wasn't welcome at Miss Kentucky USA bc contestants have to sign that they haven't done adult model pics. So she went to Tara Conner's plastic surgeon, Brad Calobrace, Louisvilke's premier augmentation surgeon. The day after her augmentation, she went online to the pageant news sites and smeared Calobrace, saying one of her breasts was deformed and she'd never live out her dream to be a model. She threatened Calobrace with all kinds of suits. Sounds like now she's looking for a lawsuit to fund the fact that she hasn't been a real model in years. It's fine to seek publicity, but do it for your own legitimate successes. Not pity.


She has everything else photoshopped why not her ankle?


Well Megan, there are a lot of sprained ankle videos on youtube,
so I hope you'll add yours.


really, im surprised you are a model because you are ugly without charm or grace. your luck will fade. your brain has already faded apparently since you didn't realize as such a big basketball fan, not to be wearing heels or get in the way of a crowd. it is not like you didnt hear people around you talking about rushing the court. Little kentucky girl, maybe you should blog or cry about how New York City has too many people and you might fall walking in the city without any warning that a crowd will go past you. You just alerted media to your stupidity and pettiness.


To Matt, Yeah, one game, a non ranked team beat the number one team in the country! IU has not had a decent season is quite awhile, so, it get excited to win a big, so be it. BTW, if you really would like to see a Moron, take a good look in a mirror, provided it does not break, IDIOT!!!!!


I enjoy her idea of distasteful... She obviously doesn't think taking her clothes off and spreading her legs to be distasteful... Hmmm. Sounds like her daddy taught her well!


That's what she gets for ruining somebody else's life.


This whore should thank the Indiana fans because she has become relevant again for at least 2 more days.


MMMMMMM...... Suck it.