Lindsay Lohan on Playboy Pics: When Nature Calls ...

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Lindsay Lohan is feeling the call of nature these days.

The star, who poses nude in Playboy in a Marilyn Monroe-inspired layout, says that was the simple reason she decided to bare all for the men's magazine.

The nearly seven-figure payout probably didn't hurt, either.

"Sex and sexuality are a part of nature, and I go along with nature," Lohan told Playboy. "I think Marilyn Monroe once said that. I certainly agree with her."

Lindsay Lohan in New York Magazine

To guys everywhere, the Lindsay Lohan Playboy pictures are either arousing or amusing. But to the "actress" herself, they are completely empowering.

"It’s a very male-dominated world we live in to begin with, so knowing yourself and being comfortable with your body is an important thing for me as a woman."

Lohan, who is vacationing with her sister Ali Lohan in Hawaii, puts great importance on "knowing yourself and your body because it gives you confidence."

Amid a slew of legal problems that have landed her in jail over the last few years, says she now knows how to make better decisions with her brain, too.

"Looking back, I probably would have listened to and taken more advice from the people whom I admire and would have followed through with it more."

"My stubbornness at 18 and 19 years old got in the way," she adds.

"During the past five years, I’ve learned that time flies faster than you think, and you only live once. You have to learn from your mistakes, live your dreams and be accountable," says one of the least accountable people to have ever lived.

The Playboy spread will be released early (it's now coming out late next week) after the cover and some of the inside photos were leaked online.

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i like u lindsay so much


nice pic


Truth,may God bless u may u neva lack of gud words.IJN (AMEN)


Lindsay Lohan Playboy Jan 2012 Issue leaked pictures here


Cocaine is from all fits!


@tequila 911: i care about this girl more than u think. People are enjoying her downfall. So many of celebs out there are doing immoral things. It may look glamouros to us but inside they are suffering and crying out 4 help. Its so sad. How did Marylin u think God likes sexual liberation-its a one way ticket to hell and self destruction. Pls think about it. Love n peace


I agree with skinny_minny. But seriously cool vibes, you need to relax. MM was and will always be a BIG TIME icon.


Lindsay,sex is natural but it is also divine. God created sex to be used in a marriage and your body is a temple of GOD, not a whore house. Marylin Monroe was trash and led the way for future sluts of america and the world.RESPECT YOURSELF


She physically looks great, it's her aura that makes her seem tasteless. I hope she can pull herself up and get back on track.......Robert Downey Jr did it and has become quite a fine actor. Good luck, Lindsay.


I've seen the leaked photos and my reaction as a male is "meh". The Marilyn Monroe type pictorial has been done to death already. And I want to see Lindsay Lohan's FACE with Lindsay Lohan's BODY. Putting a blonde wig on her head and a couple pounds of makeup on her face so that she resembles Marilyn Monroe just doesnt do it for me. I wanted to see the REAL freckle faced, redheaded LINDSAY LOHAN. Not MARILYN MONROE. I wont be buying a copy.