Lady Gaga Duets With Sugarland, Performs Solo on Grammy Special

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Lady Gaga brought out the big guns last night, dueting with Sugarland and performing her latest single, "Marry the Night," on CBS' Grammy nomination special.

Gaga earned three 2012 Grammy Award nominations, Tweeting Wednesday: "I'm humbled + honored to have a Trinity of nominations from the Grammys."

"I love u all so much #PawsUp for our album's being nominated three years in a row. I could never do it without you. Together, we were #BornToBeBrave."

Mother Monster proved why she deserves it, delivering a pair of terrific numbers, first by herself and then with Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush.

Watch both of Gaga's performances below!

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In response to JJ above - Lady Gaga could have any man she desired. Have you ever seen her without all the makeup and getups? Although she is always beautiful, under all that stuff she is absolutely gorgeous!!!


if you watch, she opened AND closed the show with two totally different songs,with different looks and a real depth of talent, like it or not is is art, and appreciated in the eye of the beholder, this to this 48 year old catholic mother of 2 she makes me feel good and she ROCKS, like or not (stop the hating really not needed in the world)


Two great performances. Very impressive, except to people who call people who don't look like them "anti-God".


...and Gaga wonders why she can't find a man who would want to cherish her. Hmm.


@elizebeth: Thats why God created different colours, and different races....thats really beauty in diversity in a natural way. Lady Gaga is diverse in being satanic and really anti-God-if u like tis type of thing, thats your choice n its okay.


What a fabulous duet! Such a balance of strength! Loved this arrangement~ Such a bevy of total talent! Two of my favorites ~ Lady Gaga and Sugarland. Wouldn't it be a boring world if we were all the same?


jennifer nettles totally upstaged gaga in every way!!! she is the real deal and the real voice, not some sad, sad, clown.


Lady Gaga why cant you dress up like a normal humanbeing instead of looking like the dam anti-christ.....she looks like a freakin scary ghost.

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