John Edwards to Rielle Hunter: Move in With Me!

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Disgraced politician John Edwards has asked his mistress Rielle Hunter to move into his North Carolina home, The National Enquirer has hilariously reported.

“Rielle is considering the move,” a source close to her allegedly claims.

John, whose wife Elizabeth Edwards died nearly a year ago, lives with his children Emma Claire, 13, and Jack, 11. Rielle welcomed his love child in late 2007.

You Idiot!
Rielle Hunter and Daughter

“She wants what’s best for their daughter Quinn and John’s other young children. If all of them under one roof will help the kids, it’s something Rielle will do.”

How altruistic. Rielle Hunter is nothing if not selfless.

His legal woes may also influence her: “Rielle knows the trial will be tough and doesn’t want the kids to suffer, so she’s genuinely considering his offer.”

The former U.S. Senator, twice a serious presidential candidate and once the Democratic VP nominee, conducted an illicit affair with her during his second bid for the White House, and has been indicted for his alleged use of campaign funds to cover up the scandal.

Rielle dumped John Edwards just a few days before he was indicted, even as he begged her to marry him, according to a probably bogus Enquirer report.

They got the love child part right, though ...


BTW I believe his children from Elizabeth will raise he$$ if it happens! Any whoo Hunter could care less about Elizabeth's children; she is only for herself and her child! She would not make a good stepmom at all! Got started on the wrong foot; maybe if John was already divorced or widowed, there maybe some hope, but I don't believe this brady bunch family is going to work for John or Hunter! It would be better if they lived in separate homes for the kid's sake. This and the other articles about Hunter and John may not even be true-I hope that is the case!


Has John really lost his mind????Probably so. Rielle has nothing to lose and will have a place to live but cannot own because the house belongs to John and Elizabeth's children and NOT her!This is a war about to break out! How do Cate and the other children feel about this woman who destroyed their family and bad-mouth their mother moving in with them? They can make Hunter and John's life soo miserable he'd wished he never met Hunter.If I were Rielle I would absolutely be careful about this move because if anyone goes it will be her and her child!!I would just say "pay my child support and I will live in a separate house" only for my child's sake.Knowing Cate banned her from her wedding, what does that tell you about how they feel about her? She won't be welcomed with open arms, that is for sure!


He married way up when he got Elizabeth and now even though he is white trash, he is marrying down.That Reille is homely and coo coo, remember her dead horse that her daddy killed?New age Psycho.


I do not think Cate or Elizabeth's family will allow that to happen.
I know Elizabeth and their deceased son are looking down from heaven in disgust. John is a very sick man.


I read that Elizabeth's will made it impossible for Rielle to ever move into the house. Any news on that?


I think she is hot. His other wife was old and dealing with breast cancer, why should a loving husband / Presidential candidate have to deal with all that stress? His needs count too? Reminds me of Newt as a young man...gotta love white people and their "issues". While blacks struggle with boring putting food on the table and finding jobs. Amazing white racists pigs.


I think she is the worst person in the world for his children and for that I figured he would do that sooner or later. Hope he goes to jail as he disappointed me people who believed in him when he was running for president. She is nothing but a selfish person and does not care for anyone but her self interest. Feel sorry for his children with Elizabeth and I had very much respect for her and thought about her a week ago. Sorry I for supporting him as he lied to his supporters on the campaign.

Kellie m

Gross. .

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