Rielle Hunter Dumps John Edwards, Report Claims

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Did former presidential candidate John Edwards just get dumped by the one human being who might possibly be willing to hang out with him these days?

According to reports, yes. Rielle Hunter broke up with him.

With John facing indictment in federal court for "alleged campaign law violations" resulting from his affair with Rielle and covering it up, she's had enough.

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Here's what a source had to say about the big breakup: "[She] dumped him ... their relationship is pretty much over ... there's no repairing it now."

According to reports, the dumping took place days before the indictment of John, who was also divorced by his wife before she died last winter.

Dude really has no one left in his corner. The lesson in all of this:

Don't make a sex tape and impregnate your mistress while your wife is terminally ill, use her cancer to garner sympathy from voters while seeking your party's nomination for President of the United States, then cover it up with campaign funds.

Just some free life advice from THG there. You're welcome.

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Looks like a bad situation for all involved


I am with st; Hunter could be in trouble as well as John.Agree with everyone on this page.I doubt seriously she dumped him, unless she is finding out he doesn't have the money or source of money she thought he did.She also maybe thinking some of this money will have to go back to the govt.John is manipulative but Hunter is far more manipulative than John could be-she had nothing to lose except her reputation and honor.I would hate to think I helped destroy a family and the half-siblings of my child hated me and didn't want anything to do with me or my child because of my behavior.


New Testament Galatians Chapter 5 states they which do such things (adultery) shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven. True repentance can erase this sin when other requirements are met. John and Rielle, are you listening?


SHE dumped HIM? I highly doubt that's the way it went down. He's a lying scumbag, but she is an ugly lying scumbag. All things being equal, I would have to say he can do better.


John Edwards and his little girl toy are both a hot, runny mess! Now he wants us to have sympathy for him after he cheated on his poor, sick, cancer stricken wife with this cheap, low life bimbo who was just out for her 15 minutes...or however long it took for she and John to reach an orgasm! She's a homewrecking, thoughtless, stupid slut and he's a whore and an adultry trick!


Isn't she engaged to wesley snipes now?


dumped??? meaning they continue or had a relationship. Stupid me..i thought he acknowledge it was a mistake- a random "f" or.. O N S. He had accepted the kid but i thought he rejected/denied relationship with that stupid fake vediographer.
So in this manner...chopping/grinding them into pcs - isnt even enough. tse..


This woman has no morals. I saw her on TV while Elizabeth was battling cancer. She was gloating the love between her and "Johnny". What a mess! He really got what he deserves!


I meant to write "rest her soul."


She only dumped him cause she realized that He is gonna have to pay back the money. She wants to be able to leave him and file for child support and palimony before the government makes him start paying back and the lawyers want their fees and he has nothing left. He didn't have any money Rielle. It was his wife's and I hope his kids don't help him out byway of money, Elizabeth (rest her sole) would flip.

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