Britney Spears Performs Free Concert in Mexico City

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Pop star Britney Spears gave a free outdoor concert Sunday in Mexico City.

The singer's Femme Fatale arrived South of the Border for a ticketed show at Foro Sol stadium Saturday night, then continued with a free concert at the Monument to the Revolution in the city center last night. The event drew an estimated 50,000 fans.

Here's a clip of Britney, who just turned 30 Friday, performing:

Mexico City's leftist leaders have made large-scale public parties a populist hallmark of governments in recent years, arguing that many residents of the city are unable to pay exorbitant ticket prices for concerts or for vacations outside the city.

The capital sets up landlocked "beaches" featuring sand and pools during the warmer months, and an ice rink in the holiday season. Both initiatives have proved popular.

It is unclear how they scored a name as big as Britney Spears to perform at such an event, or if any money was paid to the singer, but it was 100% free for the public.


She may have performed for free in mexico City bc she walked off stage after only a couple songs on her 2001-2002 dream within a dream tour and those fans were paying customers. She also promised th she would make it up. Looks like she did. : D


That was a kind thing to do. Go Brit!


first of all there was 165 000 people we got final numbers from organizers,and it was 100% free for Mexico guverment and public.........................cheeeek your informations first.............but Britney i awesome and thath is so nice of her,and yeas she is most down the earth celeb,I dont know whay media always bashing her..........


Wow that's soo cool. Its good to know that Britney never let fame and fortune get to her. And that she realizes that its because of her fans that she is where she is today!!!! Keep up the good work brit!!!!!


How cool! Love her!


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